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Singaporean “Nasi Kandar” Looks Like Nasi Lemak, Raises Confusion On Both Sides Of Causeway

Singaporean “Nasi Kandar” Looks Like Nasi Lemak, Raises Confusion On Both Sides Of Causeway

The Nasi Kandar in question has nuts, anchovies, sambal and boiled eggs.

Nasi Kandar di Singapura (2)

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Quick, Malaysians! Personality test! With just a glance, is this a Nasi Lemak or Nasi Kandar?

(Credit: @ahmiaokitchen / Instagram)

If you think of Nasi Lemak, you’re a fiery but loving person. If you see a Nasi Kandar, you’re a complex but outgoing person.


This is not a personality test or whatever. But the picture does look like an optical illusion, right? Which one is it?

It’s a Nasi Kandar, but it looks like a Nasi Lemak

Based on the picture uploaded by an eatery in Singapore on a Facebook page called Malaysia-Singapore Border Crossers, the dish in question looks like a Nasi Lemak with its nuts, boiled eggs, anchovies and sambal.

What differs from an actual Nasi Lemak is the addition of Pappadam and Pickled Cucumbers (Acar Timun).

Customers can also choose between plain rice or turmeric rice to go with the dish at the eatery.

Netizens were confused as well

The uploaded picture got the attention of Malaysian citizens on social media and they think the picture is a bit confusing. They were adamant that that’s Nasi Lemak, not Nasi Kandar.

Some even suggested to call it ‘Nasi Lemak Kandar’.

It’s actually a mix of the best of both worlds

However, good kudos go to the representative of the eatery for accepting all the backlash and remaining calm. He apologized if the picture of their menu is misleading.

He also emphasized that their eatery, in fact, focuses on fusion food. Hence, it’s not 100% Nasi Kandar. They even started their business by selling Nasi Lemak. They just wanna serve their customers something unique and different. And that is how they come up with the fusion of both Malaysian dishes.

The owner is in fact a Penangite!

(Credit: Seth Lui)

According to a report on Seth Lui, the eatery called Ah Miao’s Kitchen that sells the so-called Nasi Kandar is owned by a woman named Colyn who originated from Penang.

She even shared her inspiration behind the unique dish.

I’m from Penang and I love nasi kandar but I realise it’s still relatively new in Singapore. So, I decided to fuse both dishes and start from nasi lemak. 

Customers have the option to pair their nasi lemak with a medley of gravies or with sambal. Most of the time, customers will only choose sambal but since I’ve opened, a lot (of people) have been coming back for the former.

Colyn, owner of Ah Miao’s Kitchen

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