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[Watch] Boy Rocks Sibling To Sleep And Still Gets To Play With Phone, Netizens Applaud Legendary Skill

[Watch] Boy Rocks Sibling To Sleep And Still Gets To Play With Phone, Netizens Applaud Legendary Skill

His aunt said it wasn’t the first time he rocked his sibling to sleep in this manner.

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People who are older siblings will understand that it can be a chore to take care of their younger siblings. Taking care of younger siblings also eats into the older child’s fun time. They have better things to do, you know?

However, this young boy caught the attention of his family members and netizens when he cracked the code.

A TikTok video shared by Nuradiana Aziz (@nuradianaaziz) showed her 3-year-old nephew looping a band from the baby cradle to one of his feet.

He then lay on the floor to play games on a phone while gently rocking his sibling to sleep with his foot. It was a win-win situation for the whole family.

@nuradianaaziz Bagusnya anak sedara kesayangan mami ni. Sangatlah boleh diharap.. 😍😍 #muhammadaryanrafif #anaksaudara #3tahun5bulan ♬ DJ Senyumanmu Membuatku Tersenyum Malu – Yudha Paramata

Nuradiana said it wasn’t his first time rocking his sibling to sleep in this way. Only this time, the family decided to secretly film his brotherly love in action.

Netizens were amused by the boy’s ingenious plan and wondered how he got the legendary idea. They were also entertained because the boy looked very relaxed and comfortable with his set-up.

One of the netizens thinks that the boy learned from his father because they are usually the ones coming up with crazy ideas.

Netizens wished the boy well and jokingly reminded the younger sibling to treat his older brother to a meal once he grows up.

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