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Malaysian Makes Art “Painting” With Microsoft Excel And It’s Super Realistic

Malaysian Makes Art “Painting” With Microsoft Excel And It’s Super Realistic

Her unique way of creating art made social headlines recently and took her 3 days to finish.

Maya Suraya

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Twitter user @sfrnfzl_ has recently made social headlines for her impressive render of the Tasek Gelugor KTM station using Microsoft Excel – Microsoft’s spreadsheet programme that compiles data, make tables, graphs etc…

Her unlikely union of business software and art has since received over 10k likes, close to 6k retweets and even the official Microsoft Store Twitter account was mind blown by it.

 “Not an artist!”

Despite @sfrnfzl_ or Safarina’s realistic depiction of the KTM scenery, she writes in her Twitter bio that she is not an artist, but she does create art using Microsoft Excel and also low poly art with Adobe Illustrator.

Her interest in the unique craft didn’t just start with the KTM portrait. She tells TRP that she first started making art using Excel in 2016.

When asked how she first got into Excel Art, she told us that she had randomly come across an article about Tatsuo Horiuchi from Japan who used the number-crunching software to create “incredibly amazing” art.  

Safarina’s Sifu

A screen grab of Tatsuo Horiuchi working his magic in Great Big Story’s feature “The Michelangelo of Microsoft Excel”
(Credit: Great Big Story / YouTube)

Tatsuo Horiuchi, the man that inspired Safarina, is an elderly gentleman who is now in his 80s.

He has won competitions with his work – most notably winning first prize at the Excel Autoshape Art Contest in 2006.

And a lot like Safarina’s work, Tatsuo’s are also remarkably intricate, but of scenic view and natural landscapes in Japan.

Meanwhile, Safarina tells TRP her inspiration for the KTM “painting” was from a picture she took herself because she just loved the scenery and how calm and peaceful it looked.

What’s on the train ride ahead?

With Safarina’s work going viral, she insists she’s doing it for fun as a hobby and for now has no intention of commissioning any of her work.

She has, however, turned her most popular piece into a mini postcard.

To follow on her journey excelling in Excel Art, she has pinned a reference thread of the work she’s done here.

There’s a lot of portraits of her favourite Thai actors, and one of a loft bed too.

Turns out, the KTM Tasek Gelugor piece she did was from July 2020!

Funny how sometimes things go viral a year after they first happen but nonetheless, an amazing feat on her part and we look forward to seeing what other artwork she creates in the near future!

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