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This M’sian bride hired a photographer from hell, the results are hilarious!

This M’sian bride hired a photographer from hell, the results are hilarious!

Getting to finally settle down with your special someone is indeed a day to remember. Couples are willing to spend thousands of ringgit to immortalise it with photos and videos. 

Some say photos are worth a thousand words, but for Noor Aisyah, her wedding photos rendered her speechless.

Upon receiving soft copies of the raw photos, she took to Facebook to rant about her predicament in hilarious captions. Take a look at some of them below:

Some of them were brighter than our futures.

“Are we so ‘dark’ that you had to max out the exposure like this? Both of us are full of nur, alhamdulillah. We’re almost invisible.”

If you think cameos only happen in Marvel Movies, think again.

“Apparently, blurry photos are in. Ours have an extra ingredient, a cameo from a red hijabi at the back. Aumm”

This photographer really needs to realign with his editors. 

“Who cares if the picture is center (aligned) or not. We need extra space on the right side so that we can edit it and put other people in the picture also. AMak andam, perhaps.”

Speaking to TRP, Aisyah told us she received the edited photos and wedding album a whopping 8 MONTHS after her wedding.

And unfortunately, the quality and arrangement of the photos DID NOT justify the extreme delay!

The selected photos in the wedding album were questionable at best.

Just look at how small the photo of the wedding cake is compared to the rest of the desserts!

Photo courtesy of Noor Aisyah

Angles? What are those?

Photo courtesy of Noor Aisyah

At the time of this writing, we were told that the photographer has offered her a refund of RM600 from the initial payment of RM1.6K, which will be paid in instalments.

Even though the photography service charge was within the market rate, RM1.6K is still a lot of money; so we certainly don’t blame her for having high expectations!

We do hope Aisyah manages to reach a middle ground with the photographer after all that she’s been through.

This fiasco brings us back to the “limited edition” wedding video that went viral last year.

A word of advice from us: Be sure to check for reviews before hiring a photographer and videographer for your big day!

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