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M’sians share how parents diss restaurant food in these #relatable tweets

M’sians share how parents diss restaurant food in these #relatable tweets

Tasneem Nazari

To a certain extent, the young Malaysian generation has become a generation of consumers.

With so many wonderful things available for purchase, it’s hard not to “treat yo’self” every now and then.

And every young Malaysian knows that the one thing they end up spending most of their money on is FOOD.

Picture credit: Meme XYZ

While we hate to admit it, we totally buy into food trends. But it appears that no matter how excited we get, our parents are usually NOT impressed.

With this in mind, @twt_malaysia recently started a Twitter trend where Malaysians shared how their parents react to and diss their favourite food fad.

The tweets have everyone giggling with embarrassment at these #relatable reactions.

Read on and be prepared to have your favourite dish ruined.

Mexican food is basically papadom and meat wrapped in capati.

Starbucks is essentially overpriced coffee.

Hotel cafe’s charge way too much to bring you a pot of hot water and a teabag.

Your favourite mochi is really just kuih koci.

Sushi is just cold rice and raw fish.

Boba tea is actually fancy cendol.

Pizza is overpriced capati with stuffing.

At the end of the day, a sandwich is a sandwich.

Your mum can probably make better tomyum than your favourite Korean BBQ spot.

Nasi goreng mamak > any fast food you’ll ever have

Spaghetti is really just the Italian version of mee goreng mamak

Food in Kluang will always be cheaper than anywhere you eat

Churros = cakoi

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