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Go-Jek delivers food to New York after rapper tweets about missing Indonesian food

Go-Jek delivers food to New York after rapper tweets about missing Indonesian food

Anyone here ever feels annoyed when the abang
delivery takes FOREVER to arrive with your precious dinner? Or worse, when they

Picture Credit: MEME

Yes, it’s painful. But that’s not always the case as we
witnessed what can only be described as a miracle when Go-Jek delivered piping
hot Indonesian food to rapper Rich Brian all the way in New York City.


If you’re wondering why Rich Brian sounds so familiar, the millennials might recognise him as the skinny Chinese Indonesian dude who vent viral in 2016 for rapping like a BOSS in Dat $tick.

The entire episode began when the Indonesian rapper tweeted about missing Indonesian food after he left his home nation to the bright lights of the Big Apple.

To his (and everyone else’s) surprise, Go-Jek replied WITH a menu and asked him to choose anything he wanted.

When an uncertain Rich Brian stated that he’s currently in
New York, Go-Jek hit him with a “pasti ada jalan broooo.” (there’s surely
a way, broooo.)

That seemed to be the end of it, and the internet moved on
to troll on other topics.


Two days later, Go-Jek ACTUALLY delivered the food to Rich
Brian in New York City!

88rising, Brian’s record label, tweeted a picture of a Go-Jek driver handing over the food to Brian itself with the caption “Y’all really flew all the way out here.”

With over 18,000 retweets, it’s safe to say that the internet
was SUPREMELY impressed.

Picture Credit: JavCode/Facebook

Translation: Making me touched huhuhu

Translation: Abang Go-Jek: I’m going to New York, guyss

Translation: On the airplane
“Are you going to NY for holiday?”
“I’m delivering gofood hehe”

FYI, Go-Jek is basically the Grab of Indonesia lah. They started off as a motorbike taxi service app and soon progressed to deliveries and e-wallet.

Picture Credit: Go-Jek

They’re extremely popular in Indonesia and are currently operating in Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore as well. Go-Jek might be entering Malaysia soon but there’s no concrete plans yet.

Here’s hoping that the food delivery services in Malaysia will reach this extreme level of winning!


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