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This Indonesian “Arabic” spoof of “A Whole New World” is so ridiculous it’s viral
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This Indonesian “Arabic” spoof of “A Whole New World” is so ridiculous it’s viral

Tasneem Nazari

Disney’s live-action version of Aladdin was released in Malaysian theaters in late May 2019, and similar to it’s animated 1992 version, was not safe from criticism on the country and culture it apparently represents.

Picture credit: Chennai Geekz

According to some reports, the fictional city of Agrabah is based off of Baghdad, Iraq and the Middle East influences in the film are obvious.

For starters, there’s Aladdin’s opening song titled “Arabian Nights”. On top of that, when the narrator opens the film, he says, “Welcome to Agrabah, city mystery, of enchantment, and the finest merchandise this side of the River Jordan.”

Picture credit: Google

Yet, the characters in the film sound American. Was it just us or did you guys also think “live-action” meant that the film would resemble real life more closely?


Well, if you were in any way dissatisfied with how white-washed Aladdin was, this Indonesian YouTuber is here to give you an alternative, more “arabic”, version of the movie just the films most famous song, “A Whole New World”.

And it’s all you need, really.

3way Asiska opted out the films original instrumental for more “Arabic” sounding music and changed the pronunciation of ALL the lyrics to something we figure he THINKS Arabs sound like.

Although we don’t agree that this is any more culturally accurate than the original version from the film, it definitely is a lot more entertaining.


The comment section for the video though, is a gold mine.

Picture credit: YouTube

Welp, we can hardly remember how the original goes now.


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