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Man’s bald head too shiny for Immigration Department photo

Man’s bald head too shiny for Immigration Department photo


When you were at the Immigration or the National Registration Department, you must have heard of people being told to put on a jacket, or asked to take off their glasses.

And sometimes for (some Muslim) ladies, some of you may have needed to change your hijab?


Well, this time it was a little different…

Facebook user Nazirul Nazrin last week witnessed an epic ‘phenomenon’ at the Immigration office.

Watch a very well groomed man having his picture taken for his passport:

The Immigration officers looked so professional and prepared with their black wooden panels at the ready to take this guy’s passport photo.


With over 150,000 views and 2,000 shares, Facebook users have been having a good laugh at the short 13 second video.

Everyone seems to be tagging their bald friends for opinions.

Are you also like this when you take a passport picture?
(Screenshot: Facebook)
Like a light bulb.
(Screenshot: Facebook)
Please tag dad, he likes to be bald.
(Screenshot: Facebook)
Next time you renew passport, don’t be like this
(Screenshot: Facebook)


Hats off (pun intended) to the Immigration Department who were super professional in taking charge of the situation and being super prepared for these kinds of situations.

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