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M. Nasir’s SAVAGE behavior on TV interview goes viral

M. Nasir’s SAVAGE behavior on TV interview goes viral

Malaysians are losing it over a viral video of Datuk M. Nasir’s savage TV interview currently making rounds on the internet.


The renowned 62-year-old singer-composer was recently a guest on entertainment variety show ‘Meletop‘ and gave audience members quite the show with his rather, shall we say… energetic appearance.


In a 58-second excerpt of the Hari Raya special shared by Twitter user @muazsafian, the music legend looked to be in an awfully chill mood during the back-and-forth with show hosts Neelofa dan Nabil Ahmad.

In it, the pair had a hilariously hard time getting the show along as their lines of questions kept being met with M.Nasir’s depthless and sarcastic replies.

Neelofa: “How was your Raya Datuk?”

M.Nasir: “OK…”

Both Neelofa and Nabil tried their best to weed-out the nonsense and get Hang Tuah to spill some tea, but the veteran actor however had other things in store, giving the duo merely one-word replies to their queries.

If y’all didn’t know, M.Nasir played the legendary warrior in Puteri Guning Ledang together with actress Tiara Jacquelina
(Picture Credit: Facebook)

Nabil: What’s your go to, must have dish for Raya?

M.Nasir: Ketupat..

Nabil: Do you have any favorites? Something specific?

M.Nasir: Ummm… Ketupat laa…

Having more than 36,000 retweets and close to 20,000 likes, the singer’s tranquil and uncaring demeanor had both the show’s live audience and netizens dying in amusement.

“This is me when I’m too lazy to talk to people..”

“So cuteee”

Some are even saying that the celebrity’s nature during the show resembles another popular stoic figure in entertainment.


You can catch M. Nasir’s savagery in the full interview here:

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