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The chronology of Aliff Aziz and his controversies

The chronology of Aliff Aziz and his controversies

Singapore-born, Malaysia-based singer-actor, Aliff Aziz has recently made headlines once again.

Aliff Aziz with Bella Astillah at their wedding in 2016
Picture via Roti Kaya

A picture went viral on Instagram which allegedly showed Aliff Aziz with an underage girl at a private party, as reported by Malay Mail.

Picture credit: Malay Mail

The girl in the picture, Mell, has even apologised on her Instagram and denies any indecent activity with Aliff Aziz.

Currently, there has been no admission guilt or acknowledgement of the scandal by either Aliff Aziz or Bella.

However, Bella has said she will move on with her child in an Instagram post yesterday.

Besides, this isn’t Alif Aziz’s first controversy…

February, 2019

Earlier in the year, Aliff Aziz was caught with a fellow actress, Oktovia Manrose.

Things were resolved when Oktovia Manrose publicly apologised to Aliff Aziz’s wife, Bella, in an InstaStory.

Pic Credit: Harian Metro

August, 2018

Last year, money was involved.

A business man accused Aliff Aziz borrowing a large sum of money.

Aliff Aziz was initially supposed to promote a product, but never did.


July, 2017

Aliff Aziz was caught red-handed by his wife and her mother in a karaoke centre with his co-star, Afifah Nasir.

A press conference was even held to explain the scandal.


He was caught stealing 2 handphones in Singapore.

A fine of $2,000 was slapped on him as Singaporean authorities threatened jail time.



At a tender age of 18 years old, Aliff Aziz was caught kissing an older woman in Singapore.

His picture went viral on the web, though at that time, he was still single.

His life surely is one long list of tabloid stories.

P.S. Don’t confuse Aliff Aziz with other Alifs

Picture via Instagram

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