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Covid-19 Patient Tells Others To “Never Get Tested” While Distressed Over Quarantine At MAEPS

Covid-19 Patient Tells Others To “Never Get Tested” While Distressed Over Quarantine At MAEPS

She claims to have left Serdang with “mental trauma, backache, UTI, malnutrition and some random transmissible disease”.

Anne Dorall

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A Malaysian Instagram user recently recounted her negative experience at Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS), which has now been converted to a Covid-19 Quarantine and Low Risk Treatment Centre for Covid-19 positive patients.

While the Instagram account has since been made private, the original post compared a Malaysian woman’s experience while under home quarantine and quarantine at MAEPS.

The Malaysian woman recounted that she was eating well, resting well, and recovering well while under home quarantine. However, she expressed that the experience was completely different when she was later sent to the quarantine center in MAEPS by the Health Ministry.

In a separate viral incident, this video allegedly taken at MAEPS Serdang also showed patients on stretchers.
(Credit: Unknown)

In the viral post, she complained that the living hall was extremely crowded with locals and foreigners alike, with little to no privacy and social distancing, and feared the spread of other contagious diseases such as chickenpox or even a mutated strain of Covid-19. She lamented the spicy food provided and the state of the shared toilets as well.

In the post, she also stated “Never get tested. Just quarantine at home.”

The post that went viral.
(Credit: Instagram)

Her post quickly went viral, with many people strongly condemning her message to not get tested just to avoid being sent to the quarantine center.

While many felt sorry that her experience was so harrowing, they expressed concerns over the irresponsible way she asked people to simply not get tested.

Instead, many suggested that she use her experience to urge others to follow appropriate SOPs or avoid going out instead.

As usual: Only leave the house for neccessities, wear a mask, and maintain a safe distance with others.
(Credit: Malay Mail)

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Testing anxiety could lead to less people being tested.

There’s no doubt that Covid-19, and its testing, is a largely unpleasant experience. We’ve seen (and laughed at) videos of people gagging while doing a throat swab.

Additionally, people who test positive for Covid-19 are subjected to stigma and blame, which can deter others from getting themselves checked out.

The requirement for quarantine is at least 2 weeks. While those with the ability to work remotely might not deem it too inconvenient, others whose jobs require physical presence may fear losing employment and their source of income, in addition to the stress that comes with being Covid-19-positive.

Testing for Covid-19 isn’t just about you. It’s about your community.
(Credit: Malay Mail)

Now, viral stories about the conditions of the MAEPS quarantine center may breed anxiety about being sent there.

All these are reasons why people may choose to not do any tests. After all, the logic is that you won’t need to go through all that hardship if you never know, and you will never know if you never test.

Still, people who knowingly conceal information regarding the coronavirus are liable to a hefty fine or time behind bars.

Anxiety over the Covid-19 tests are understandable but should not be a reason to avoid testing. Walking around untested could lead to the unintentional spreading of the virus to others- you may be fine, but your immunocompromised grandparents may not. In the interest of public safety, get tested.

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