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Hiding Information About Covid-19 Could Land You In Jail

Hiding Information About Covid-19 Could Land You In Jail


With the Covid-19 pandemic placing the entire country and most parts of the world under quarantine, information is quickly becoming a valuable commodity.

Authorities need fast and accurate information to successfully combat the virus’s spread as well as treating those infected.

What they don’t need is people lying or hiding details and information that could either save or endanger lives.

Vital information like medical records, recent travel history, and details regarding contacts with those who were infected or suspected of being positive with Covid-19 are critical in responding to the viral outbreak.

Travelers seen in protective facemasks.
(Credit: Reuters/Malay Mail)

People who knowingly conceal information regarding the coronavirus are liable to a hefty fine or time behind bars.

Equally, individuals who think they might be infected – whether you’re showing symptoms or know that you’ve had contact with the infection – but still choose to go out and expose themselves in public can be brought to prosecution.

A woman being temperature scanned.
(Credit: Bernama/Malay Mail)

According to Malaysian Bar president Salim Bashir, just like how disobeying the Movement Control Order can get you in trouble, the selfish acts mentioned above can place a person guilty of crimes under the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act 1988.

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Recently Malaysians were shocked by the news of a hospital in Kedah being forced to temporarily shut down after an infected patient failed to disclose their travel and contact history to hospitals staff, as well as stories of how a suspected coronavirus patient made a quick escape from a hospital in Jasin, Melaka before being apprehended by police and brought back to be isolated.

If you suspect yourself to be infected or know of anyone who might have had exposure to the contagion, do contact the authorities immediately.

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