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Malaysians Studying Overseas Told To Stay Put

Malaysians Studying Overseas Told To Stay Put


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Malaysian students pursuing further education overseas are told to stay put wherever they are in light of the global pandemic.

International air travel can unintentionally hasten the spread of Covid-19, which is why it is not recommended.

The ministry has advised that all students should stay on in their current country of study and follow instructions from that country’s local authorities and their universities.

However, the Higher Education Ministry has noted that despite its stand that no student should return to Malaysia at this point in time, students are not banned from entering the country.

If a student should return, they must follow the standard operating procedure set by Malaysian authorities, which includes health screening and being quarantined at designated quarantine centres.

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However, for Malaysian students who are stranded with nowhere else to go, rest assured that the ministries are working to bring them home.

Students are advised to contact the Malaysian Embassy, Wisma Putra, or their local Education Malaysia branch if they face any problems.

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