It’s sad that society tends to look down on cleaners, but they work hard okay!

Luckily, there are a few good gems out there who take the time to appreciate them for their hard work.

Recently, Twitter user Khairunnisa Afifah (@khai_afifah) shared the story of how her mum, a mak cik cleaner who received the sweetestthank you card from a student for keeping the school toilets so clean!

In her tweets, Khairunnisa explains that the card was sent to her by a Standard 3 student of a school where she works as a cleaner.

The appreciative child named Abigail Tan, drew a lovely picture of her and the mak cik cleaner in the school toilet and some biscuits too.

There was also a message expressing her gratitude:

“Mak cik, you wash the bathroom so clean. You keep some water in the bin when there (was) no water and you always mop the floor so clean that we can’t see the footprints.
You was the toilet so clean that we can use goodly. I like our bathroom!”

Abigail Tan via Twitter.

Khairunnisa shared with TRP that her mother, Rosiah Kassim works at a SJKC school in Kuching, Sarawak.

The 51-year-old cleaner and her daughter were both so touched by the lovely gesture of the thoughtful child.

Her tale certainly touched the hearts of Malaysians online as well with many praising how well she was raised.

This story serves as a great reminder that we should always take the time to show our appreciation to those around us and treat them with a little kindness.

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