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M’sians super impressed by McDelivery rider who bought Panadol for his sick customer

M’sians super impressed by McDelivery rider who bought Panadol for his sick customer

Tasneem Nazari

Last month, we heard about McDelivery customers making cheeky requests from their delivery riders that actually got fulfilled.

Picture credit: TRP

But none of those are as impressive as this McDelivery rider in Subang Jaya who actually stopped somewhere to buy his sick customer some Panadol along his delivery route.

Speaking to TRP, Twitter user @amirulizarin explained that he was sick when he made the delivery order.

Since he wasn’t well enough to go out and he was ordering McD anyway, @amirulizarin decided to try his luck.

In the Special Instructions column, @amirulizarin asked his McDelivery rider to pick up some Panadol on his way over “if it wasn’t too much trouble”.

Picture credit: Twitter

When the McDelivery rider arrived, he told @amirulizarin that he had bought a whole strip of Panadol for him.

Picture credit: Twitter

FYI, @amirulizarin lives in USJ 20, Subang Jaya and the closest McDonalds to him is in Taipan, USJ 10, approximately 11 minutes away.

Picture credit: Google Maps

Twitter was overwhelmed at the apparent kindness of the delivery rider urging McDonalds Malaysia to give him a pay rise.

Picture credit: Imgflip

“May you continue to meet nice people like the abang McD and may the world have more nice people like him.

It’s not easy to find someone who would help a stranger. This abang McD is a really nice guy.

Sometimes, people order delivery because they don’t feel well. Acts like these are so helpful during those times.

I hope McD Malaysia gives him an award! I’m gonna cry!

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