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Makcik Chicken Rice drama; both parties ended up apologising to each other

Makcik Chicken Rice drama; both parties ended up apologising to each other

Tasneem Nazari

Earlier this week, Twitterjaya exploded at a hangry (angry + hungry) aunty who shared a now deleted video of her shouting at a waiter at a famous chicken rice restaurant franchise after waiting a long time to be served.

Picture credit: Twitter

Now, it appears that the whole issue has reached an amicable conclusion after a two-hour long meeting between the aunty (who turns out to be the wife of a famous composer and a Datin), her mother and three higher management staff of the popular restaurant chain.

On Wednesday evening (June 26), the Datin met with the Training and Communications manager, the Chief Operations manager and the Customer Service Training manager to make peace.

Picture credit: mStar

Regretting the incident, Customer Service Training manager, Julia Mohamed Noor apologised to the datin for her staff’s behaviour.

“We apologise.. We are very concerned over what happened. We are not taking any sides as we’d like to be fair to all parties involved. Our customers are very important to us, no matter who they are.”

“So, action was taken as soon as the incident went viral. The employee has also been given counseling. We’ve taken your feedback in a positive way. Feedback is important to help us improve the quality of our service.”

Customer Service Training manager, Julia Mohamed Noor via mStar


Meanwhile, Badrul Hisham, the Training and Communications manager, explained that the restaurant doesn’t actually practice the queuing system during off peak hours.

“Customers only need to queue when the restaurant is full. When there are empty tables, customers can simply come in and sit down. After waiting for the service staff to clear the table, they can sit down and their order will be taken.”

“We’ve never practiced the queuing system when there are empty tables available. So, we’re very sorry. This incident should not have happened.”

“As a manager, I look at it on a case-to-case basis. It’s just simple logic. So, we hope an incident like this one does not repeat.”

Badrul Hisham, the Training and Communications manager via mStar


The Datin too apologised for the commotion on that fateful day.

“I’m an aunty already. So, when you get to my age of course you’d blow your top. Especially if someone says to you “if you just walk in we won’t serve you.”

“Yes, I was very angry. But whatever it is, I apologise. I didn’t mean to make the issue into a viral one for the sake of fame. I myself was shocked and did not expect the video to reach 1.6 million views.”

“My intention was for the restaurant to fix the flaw in their customer service. People all over Putrajaya like the food here, so why not increase the quality of service for the comfort of all patrons.”

The Datin via mStar


This is the second viral issue this week to come to a peaceful ending. 

Yesterday, the viral issue of a teacher in Johor who caned his student also concluded with both parties apologising to each other.

Which makes us figure that the theme this week was: Takpayah la gaduh gaduh online. Take the high road and apologise instead.


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