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[Watch] USB Of Flavour: Type C’s Electrifying Review Sparks Cravings For DarSA Fried Chicken

[Watch] USB Of Flavour: Type C’s Electrifying Review Sparks Cravings For DarSA Fried Chicken

His detailed feedback has sparked a newfound interest in the 100% Muslim-made local brand, challenging cultural barriers and inviting all to indulge.

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DarSA Fried Chicken (DFC) was recently involved in controversies involving racist ‘Type C’ comments and pricing issues.

However, the restaurant has since addressed these issues with a public apology and by taking action against its social media staff.

In a surprising turn of events, a video review by a Chinese online food reviewer known as Hungry Sam praising DFC has gone viral, drawing significant attention and curiosity from the public.

The restaurant, proudly 100% Muslim-made, has been lauded for its delicious local flavour, with Hungry Sam encouraging everyone to try it for themselves.

The viral social media video features the reviewer trying a 2 pcs Chicken Set priced at RM16.60 and waiting an hour to receive his order.

His enthusiastic response, “Wooo spicy fried chicken! This is good man!” and commendation of the chicken’s size as worth the wait have piqued public interest.

Hungry Sam – who has a large following of people – even rated the meal 9.2/10 after trying it with garlic sauce, praising its deliciousness.

From Controversy to Unity

This review has sparked a broader conversation in the comments section, with many expressing their eagerness to try DFC, emphasizing that they support good products with quality service regardless of who sells them.

This sentiment aligns with the call for support without racism from all sides – a testament to how food can unite people across cultural divides.

In this wave of positivity, numerous netizens thank Hungry Sam for his kind words about DFC, highlighting the power of inclusive reviews in bridging communities and fostering a culture of mutual appreciation and respect.

Before this ‘turning point’, DFC had taken a significant hit due to the “Type C comments”, facing backlash from all races.

People commented that any business that plays with religious sentiments is bound to fail, especially if it’s a newly started business.

The restaurant also becomes the butt of jokes, showcasing the volatile nature of public opinion and the impact of social media on businesses today.

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Amidst the backlash, some from the Chinese community defended DFC, acknowledging that while what was done was wrong, there was no need to boycott the establishment.

This nuanced stance highlights a call for understanding and proportionate response in the face of controversy.

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