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What? Olive Oil, Vinegar Or Salt On Your Ice Cream Makes It Taste Better?

What? Olive Oil, Vinegar Or Salt On Your Ice Cream Makes It Taste Better?

The key is in the type and quality of the salt, olive oil or vinegar used.

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The Dalgona Coffee trend is so 2020. So what looks good in 2021?

Since we can’t enjoy ice cream in-store like we used to, why not re-create the unique flavours we once relished in pre-pandemic times?

Now you can challenge those taste buds with the following kitchen staples: salt, olive oil, and vinegar.

The key however is in the type and quality of the salt, olive oil or vinegar.

Intrigued? Read on…

The magic touch of sprinkles

(Credit: Stalk My Kitchen)

One of salt’s main roles in cooking is to enhance the flavour of food. In small amounts, the salt will intensify sweetness.

In the context of ice cream, to provide the flavour without being overwhelming, you’ll need high-quality sea salt flakes. This can be used to sprinkle over your ice cream to enhance and provide a contrast in the flavours.

Don’t take our word for it, even McDonald’s jumped on the trend a while back!

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Savoury contrast that’s decadent

(Credit: Cooks Illustrated)

Drizzling high-quality olive oil over your ice cream will give it a peppery, savoury contrast.

Lifehacker describes the combination of pure fat and dairy will leave you with a  “decadent mouthfeel.”

Shockingly Delicious shared a simple recipe of drizzling a premium extra virgin olive oil on French vanilla ice cream with a sprinkle of sea salt and described the taste as:

Cool and creamy, sweet and salty, peppery and perfumed, this is a divine revelation. It’s larger than you. It’s primal. It’s otherworldly.

Do note that milder, olive oil blends offer fat but no flavour and therefore defeats the purpose.

Acidic touch to jolt your taste buds

(Credit: She Knows)

To ‘jazz’ up your ice cream, Lifehacker also recommends balsamic vinegar. But not just any regular vinegar but an aged balsamic vinegar.

Try looking for bottles labelled Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale with D.O.P seal for the “good stuff”.

Ultimately, you’ll want to use an aged balsamic vinegar which is thick, sweet, and almost like a syrup. Drizzle it on strawberry ice cream and apparently, it tastes quite “heavenly”.

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