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Pantai Remis Ice-Cream Seller Allegedly Refused To Sell To Indians, Apology Video Has #PlotTwist

Pantai Remis Ice-Cream Seller Allegedly Refused To Sell To Indians, Apology Video Has #PlotTwist

Some TikTok users expressed confusion over the ice-cream seller’s race.

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There is apparently an ice-cream vendor at Pantai Remis, Kuala Selangor who has a “policy” of not selling to Indians.

The issue went viral on TikTok and in a most recent update, the ice-cream seller has since apologised to the family involved.

When the issue first went viral, as shared by @preeyangka23 who said an ice-cream seller at Pantai Remis refused to sell to her young nieces and nephews because of “past trauma” from being attacked by “drunk Indians”, many assumed the seller was not Indian himself.

However, when @preeyangka23 shared his apology video, it would appear that the seller is also Indian.

She clarified the confusion, saying, “Just to clear up the racial confusion, the ice-cream seller is Indian-Muslim (mamak).”

@preeyangka23 Replying to @Tisam Ibrahim I’m glad to confirm that the ice cream man issue has been addressed! Thank you to all who shared my video and hoping this change will contribute to a harmonious Malaysia 🫶🏽🇲🇾 #preeyangkasjourney ♬ original sound – Preeyangka23

So what actually happened?

In her first video, she described what happened as a heartbreaking experience.

@preeyangka23 I’m not posting this video to bring anyone any harm. It’s just to raise awareness and to educate people thay stereotyping is not the way to go. I hope we can all change for a better Malaysia. #preeyangkasjourney ♬ original sound – Preeyangka23

Her family had gone on an outing at Pantai Remis which included a few children below 6-years-old.

There’s this ice-cream man here and of course kids being kids they wanted ice-cream. And my aunt went to buy ice-cream and you know what he said, he doesn’t sell ice-cream to Indians.

TikTok user @preeyangka23

Shocked at this, they asked why and the explanation was that the seller had stuck a police report at his motorbike of a previous altercation with a few drunk Indians which is what led him to not wanting to sell to Indians.

I understand that you are traumatised or whatever but these are kids, are they gonna get drunk or beat you up?

TikTok user @preeyangka23

She then said that a kind Malay family who saw what transpired came up to them and offered to buy the ice-cream for her nieces and nephews.

She thanked the family and shared that to her, there were two moral stories to be had from their experience: One is to behave and be responsible when you drink and the other is to not generalise all Indians into one category.

In her second video, she shared that the issue had been resolved with the apology from the seller.

The ice-cream man… actually apologised in a video and he personally addressed me and said he was sorry and I fully accept that apology…

TikTok user @preeyangk23

She expressed hope that this incident would serve as a lesson to all especially to traders to not be racist.

She also shared the seller’s apology video where he profusely apologised and that she can come and buy ice-cream from him anytime.

Apart from thanking the seller, she thanked MIC for taking the effort to help resolve the issue. It is believed that MIC had visited the ice-cream seller and was instrumental in helping to get the apology video sent to @preeyangka23.

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