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Don’t Call Yourself Asian If You Won’t Try This Soy Sauce Scoop

Don’t Call Yourself Asian If You Won’t Try This Soy Sauce Scoop

The collaboration between local ice cream creamery Inside Scoop and Japanese sauce brand Hamadaya birthed the Soy-Desuka ice cream.

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Soy sauce is the soul of Asian food, the ubiquitous black flavour-bomb found in every home, the condiment to rule all other condiments.

For all its praises, it’s not something you would think about putting in ice cream.

However, this is exactly what local ice cream brand Inside Scoop has done in a partnership with Japanese sauce brand Hamadaya: a curious soy sauce-flavoured ice cream called Soy-Desuka.

The Taste Test

The Caramel Soy Sauce looks relatively normal, made with a base of Inside Scoop’s timeless Jersey Milk Ice Cream, then infused with Hamadaya’s premium caramelised Japanese Seasoning Soy Sauce, to create a pleasant white-and-gold colour.

However, it does smell quite unmistakably of soy sauce. Sure, there’s light sweet note that carries the salty scent, but it’s clearly soy sauce.

The Hamadaya x Inside Scoop caramel soy sauce ice cream.
(Credit: TRP)

However, all our doubts evaporated with a bite of the ice cream. Although the dessert did smell like soy sauce, the strongest flavour on the tongue is the light creamy milkiness and a wonderfully pleasant taste of caramel. The saltiness of soy sauce is less prominent, and acts more like a supporting character.

In fact, the flavour profile of the Soy-Desuka ice cream is extremely similar to something like salted caramel or sea salt ice cream flavour, where the hint of saltiness actually helps to draw out the rich sweetness of the caramel.

The Verdict

The Soy-Desuka is delicious. It’s sweet without being overly cloying, well-balanced with the saltiness of the soy sauce.

Although it may not taste like what you would expect, the ice cream knows its roots: it is unmistakably, unapologetically soy sauce. The Soy-Desuka is the result of 6 months of R&D to infused soy sauce wonderfully into ice cream, and that gamble paid off.

If you enjoy salted caramel flavours, you will definitely enjoy this one. (You may actually have to get more than one tub, just in case.)

Left: the Hamadaya Seasoning Soy Sauce used in the ice cream. Right: the Soy-Desuka ice cream.
(Credit: TRP)

The Soy-Desuka limited edition soy sauce-flavoured ice cream was actually a collaboration between Inside Scoop and Hamadaya to celebrate Soy Sauce Day, which falls on 1 October.

As such, this special flavour will only be available for a month, from 1 to 31 October, both online and in-store.

The collaboration is also a way for Hamadaya to spark an interest in premium Japanese soy sauce, which of course varies quite a bit from our usual Malaysian soy sauces. The Japanese brand is fully Halal-certified and uses a closely-guarded recipe from 1818.

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