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6 crazy mooncake flavours to try this Mid-Autumn Festival

6 crazy mooncake flavours to try this Mid-Autumn Festival

Ah, it’s that time of the year again! As the Mid Autumn Festival beckons closer, we notice how increasingly on edge our parents get as they rush for mooncake orders and spring cleaning for when all the relatives visit. 

For the rest of us though we only have one thing on our mind; FOOD!

However, instead of sticking to the usual orders of mooncake this year— how about branching out and trying something new? After all, nothing’s quite the conversational starter than, “Would you like to try our special mooncakes?” Might save you from the dreaded “Got boyfriend/girlfriend already ah” questions…


1. Durian Mooncake

Picture image: Tai Thong

Oh yeah, they went there. The durian craze seems to be reaching new levels daily, with all sorts of food being worked into it. Now durian lovers can rejoice; as now you can enjoy durians even in your mooncakes!

Tai Thong’s Snow Skin Durian Coulis is everything a durian fan would want to see at a family reunion table; and we’ve heard that apparently the ‘fragrance’ is stronger than the actual fruit itself!

But if this isn’t enough for you, they also have the Imperial Musang King Royale— which is just a mooncake filled with durian flesh. Time to dig in!


2. Ice cream Mooncake

Picture credit: Inside Scoop

Looks like Inside Scoop is redefining what it means to have a mooncake. The ice cream connoisseurs have whipped up their latest invention of ice cream mooncakes to go with the season!

The mooncake launch features 4 different flavours; Matcha with Black Sesame Yolk, Unicorn with Raspberry Yolk, Rocher with Crunchy Base, and (of course) Durian with Chocolate Yolk.

The handcrafted ice cream mooncakes are petite and perfect for the occasion… unless you feel that you will be needing more than just that.

Picture credit: Inside Scoop

In that case, Inside Scoop also has the Super Moon Cake— which is bigger than the size of an average person’s face! This way, rest assured, everyone in the family will be able to try a slice.

3. Wasabi Mooncake

Picture credit: Instagram

Spice up your life with a change of flavour this year! Nobu Kuala Lumpur has decided to switch it up this season by offering a Japanese touch to the usual Chinese classics.

The Nobu Lunar Fortune box features exciting additions such as the Shangai Black Sesame with Wasabi Yolk and Pandan Paste with Miso Yolk Mochi. 

By changing up the usual flavours that traditional mooncakes opt for, you can prep your tastebuds for a whole new experience once a slice reaches your mouth. So, what do you reckon? Anyone willing to take on the heat? 

4. Petai Mooncake

You probably already saw our post about this yesterday, but Petai Mooncake is apparently a thing and business is a-booming!

Picture credit: Malay Mail

This invention comes from an Ipoh aunty named Jennifer Chung who makes them from her own home. An idea born from her father’s love for the small stink bombs, Aunty Jennifer put her creativeness together and decided to surprise him for the Mid-Autumn Festival!

The Petai Mooncake is made of 3 vital ingredients; potato, dried sambal shrimps— and of course, the main star— petai. If you’re a petai fiend yourself, perhaps its time to indulge this year with something that will leave the entire family begging you to buy mouthwash. 

5. Blue Mooncakes

Remember when you were a little kid and used to think that blue was a flavour? No? Just us? Okay well, putting that aside, Hilton Kuala Lumpur has brought back their much awaited mooncakes this year!

Picture credit: Hilton KL

Their infamous snow skin mooncakes come in 3 flavours; Heavenly Gold (Snow Skin with Pure Premium Musang King), Flower Drum (Snow Skin Lotus Paste with Soft Custard Egg Yolk) and the one that caught our eye, Blue Moon. 

Aside from being extremely aesthetically pleasing, the Blue Moon mooncake is a Snow Skin Amaretto Lotus Paste with Blueberry Cheese Feuillantine.

This mooncake is bound to be the talk of your family reunion with how the colour itself making it stand out from miles away, but also because of the blueberry cheese filling! Talk about a fulfilling dessert, eh?

6. Beer Mooncake

Picture Credit: The Beer Factory

Seems like The Beer Factory isn’t done with their wild adventures in the food and beverage industry!

The same people who brought “Beer Boba” a while back, have teamed up with Guinness to release a Black Snowskin with Guinness Infused Chocolate Lotus Paste.

Picture Credit: Facebook

Sounds delicious, right? If you’re fan of Guinness then you might want to hurry and get your hands on these in time. 

With all of these options in mind, it looks like you’re bound to have an extra special Mid-Autumn Festival this year. From tons of flavours; the classics or something new and exciting— there’s something for everyone in the family to enjoy! 

(Article by Leyasheena Panicker)

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