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5 reasons why you’ll confirm love Carlsberg’s new look!

5 reasons why you’ll confirm love Carlsberg’s new look!

Attention beer aficionados, we have some hoppy news
for you!

Your Carlsberg just got a lot more enjoyable thanks to a brand
new look!

Credit: Carlsberg Malaysia

Yep, the Danish Pilsner that reckons itself as ‘Probably The Best Beer In The World’ has updated its design for all its products, packaging and communications.

The old Carlsberg packaging & design.
(Credit: Design Week)

The new look is pitcher perfect with a simpler, more contemporary design that’s also super practical (very Scandinavian of them!)

“ At Carlsberg, we care about how our beer is made and enjoyed, a constant ‘pursuit of better’ inspired by our founder J.C. Jacobsen throughout our history of more than 170 years.

From our yeast and barley to our packaging and glassware, we believe it must always be possible to do things better, and this new look and feel for Carlsberg represents our ongoing commitment to do so.”

Ted Akiskalos, Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia.

Ted Akiskalos, Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia.
(Credit: Carlsberg Malaysia)

Now that you’ve seen how gorgeous it looks, here’s what you need to know about the ale new Carlsberg packaging:

1. A new cap

A ‘Fresh Cap’ on Carlsberg bottles with a nifty scavenger liner that removes oxygen from the headspace gives the beer a fresher taste.

Credit: Carlsberg Malaysia

2. Six packs that are waaaaay easier to open

Their Easy-to-Open 6-can packs come with perforated shrink wrap so you can open the packs faster and easier without that annoying soreness on your fingers.

Credit: Carlsberg Malaysia

3. Longer lasting head

Redesigned stem glasses in a bowl-ish shape and tapered head creates a smoother pour. There’s also a cool laser-etched, hop leaf- shaped nucleation stamp at the bottom of the glass.

This stamp allows more bubbles to form and rise to the top,
so your drink has a head that lasts lager than usual!

Credit: Carlsberg Malaysia

4. Greener than before

There’s silver ink on bottle labels that’s Cradle to Cradle
This makes the packaging more recycle-friendly.

Credit: Carlsberg Malaysia

5. Long life

The refillable Carlsberg bottles are also coated with a new wax emulsion that increases the lifetime of its usage.

This coating minimises scratching, so the bottles don’t lose their sheen, thus keeping them in circulation for longer!

So, what do you think of the new look?

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