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What Is LazMall? A Guide To Avoid Counterfeits Online

What Is LazMall? A Guide To Avoid Counterfeits Online

LazMall functions as a virtual mall for official brand partners.

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A survey by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) in 2018 found that 60% of online shoppers are concerned about fake retailers online. It indicates that product authenticity has been one of the primary demands for majority of local online shoppers.

Seeing the rise in demand for a worry-free online shopping experience across all customer segments, from parents purchasing milk to young adults fashioning an #OOTD, eCommerce platform Lazada launched its authenticity-guaranteed branded destination, known as LazMall, back in 2018.

LazMall has since grown into a nationwide online shopping hub that houses more than 10,000 brands in Malaysia and will celebrate its third anniversary during the upcoming 9.9 Biggest Brands Sale.

So, what exactly is LazMall?

As the name suggests, LazMall functions as a virtual mall for official brand partners on Lazada, including Nike, Nestlé, Philips, Estée Lauder, La Mer, and much more. By tapping the LazMall icon on the homepage, shoppers can browse through a directory of brands on the sleekly designed LazMall channel, where market-beating Brand Mega Offers are available 24 hours every day.

Customers can also identify LazMall brands through a built-in digital tag that’s visible on the product title and store page. Every product with the LazMall tag and hosted on the LazMall channel comes with a 100% authenticity promise by Lazada, that’s backed by a 5x money-back guarantee for Malaysian buyers if a product is verified as a counterfeit.

There is also an added layer of protection for the customer because all LazMall products have a 15- day free return promise too, which enables customers to return items that are damaged, defective, expired, or suspected fakes, to be verified by the brands directly without having to bear any additional shipping fees. (Terms and conditions apply)

How is authenticity ensured?

The LazMall tag and high-traffic channel are much sought after by online retailers and sellers. However, Lazada has established strict quality controls that safeguard the integrity of LazMall. Only official brand owners and certified distributors are eligible to sign up for LazMall.

Applicants go through a thorough three-step verification process to determine (1) brand relationship, (2) proof of authenticity, and (3) operational metrics.

Each application will need to be backed by the necessary supporting documents to start specific LazMall stores, such as a brand trademark certificate for LazMall Flagship Stores, brand letter of authorisation for LazMall Authorised Stores, or purchase invoice for LazMall Verified Stores. All stores on Lazada are also SSM-registered businesses.

Lazada takes our LazMall authenticity and 15-day free return promises seriously. We are committed to providing a first-rate online shopping experience on LazMall, as well as ensuring superior customer satisfaction. The LazMall team provides support and conducts monthly assessments to ensure a high standard of end-to-end customer experience, including product delivery lead time, cancellation rate, product quality, chat response rate, and more.

Chenxi Zhou, Head of LazMall, Lazada Malaysia.

Why it matters?

Having a comprehensive quality control process protects both customers and brands by maintaining a level of credibility and trust in all LazMall products.

Online shoppers can shop with confidence knowing that all branded items purchased on LazMall are guaranteed to be authentic and handled with a level of care that’s reflective of the brands’ values, quality, consistency, and reputation across various categories, from groceries to electronic appliances, and more.

Drawing on more than a century of passion for nutrition, Nestlé has been committed to enabling healthier and happier lives through our brands that are over 2,000-strong worldwide, including local Malaysian favourites such as Milo, Maggi, Nestum, Nescafé, Koko Krunch, and more. Today, Nestlé has become a household name that represents our company’s unwavering integrity for Malaysians. Being on LazMall enables our customers to have that assurance of brand authenticity in the digital space, which is especially important now more than ever as Malaysians shop for groceries online more frequently. When online shoppers purchase from Nestlé brands’ flagship LazMall stores on Lazada, they are able to have peace of mind, knowing that our products adhere to stringent quality control and are certified halal.

Chew Soi Ping, Executive Director of Sales, Nestlé Malaysia.

At Philips Domestic Appliances, we want to improve the lives of people at home through meaningful innovation, turning houses into homes. Our products and services help people to lead healthier and happier lives every day. We also recognize our role in protecting our planet. It is why we prioritize product durability and recyclability. Today, Philips products such as our irons, kitchen appliances, vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, coffee machines, and many others are part of many Malaysian homes and are embedded within Malaysians’ daily routines. LazMall is a key component for our online customers’ shopping experience. The LazMall channel and product tags enable online shoppers on Lazada to identify and purchase authentic Philips products, along with our brand commitment, including our product warranty and SIRIM approvals.

Ipek Akinci, District Leader of Singapore, Malaysia and Emerging Markets, Philips Domestic Appliances Malaysia

What’s next for LazMall?

With over 80% of Forbes’ Most Valuable Consumer Brands already available on LazMall and consistent record-breaking growth year after year in new brands coming on board locally, online shoppers are spoilt for choice and can look forward to even more brands on LazMall.

The rising momentum of LazMall is set to continue as Lazada further elevates the digital customer experience for brands to increase consumer touchpoints.

The recent introduction of the personalised LazMall Prestige portal is expected to bring forth a new era of accessible luxury for Malaysians, while the appointment of award-winning South Korean superstar Hyun Bin as the first LazMall ambassador has evoked much anticipation towards LazMall offerings in the coming 9.9 Sale.

Local and international brands across all industries are realising the potential of leveraging LazMall’s cutting-edge marketing tools, data-driven technology, and vast logistics network to deliver highly- engaging and personalised experiences to Lazada’s nationwide customer base.

This upward trend is showing no signs of slowing down as LazMall orders and customers have more than doubled year-on-year in Malaysia recently.

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