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Beware Of The Mysterious Package Scam: Pos Malaysia Warns Of Fraudulent Deliveries

Beware Of The Mysterious Package Scam: Pos Malaysia Warns Of Fraudulent Deliveries

Pos Malaysia once again warns customers about a new scam involving suspicious packages and links.

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Pos Malaysia, the national postal service, is warning about a new wave of scams targeting unsuspecting customers.

Fraudsters are impersonating the company, sending mysterious packages to random addresses, and demanding payment upon delivery.

In a recent Instagram post, Pos Malaysia shared a screenshot of a WhatsApp message in which someone received a suspicious APK (Android Package Kit) file purportedly from “POS Laju.”

The company warns that it will never send such files to customers and urges people to ignore, block, delete, and report any links that misuse Pos Malaysia’s name.

But the scam doesn’t stop there.

One woman experienced this firsthand when visiting her hometown in Perak.

Sin Chew reported that the victim had received physical packages from unknown senders, with the deliveryman demanding RM198 upon receipt.

She refused to pay or sign for the package, which lacked the sender’s information.

Two days later, her boss in Kuala Lumpur encountered the same scam.

The accountant woman suspects this is a fraudster’s trap to trick people, especially the elderly, into paying for unsolicited packages.

She advises the public to confirm with family members before signing for or paying for any unexpected deliveries.

Don’t Fall Prey to the Package Delivery Scam: Verify Before You Pay

As scammers become increasingly sophisticated, it’s crucial to stay vigilant.

Don’t click on suspicious links; be wary of unexpected packages or payment demands.

Be aware of APK files sent through messaging apps or email.

These files, which are used to distribute and install applications on Android devices, have become a popular tool for scammers to spread malware and gain access to sensitive information.

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Contact the company directly using their official channels, and never click on links or provide personal information in response to unsolicited communications.

In the past, fraudsters have impersonated well-known delivery services to lend credibility to their scams.

They often send fake tracking numbers and phishing emails or even make phone calls claiming the recipient has a package waiting for them.

These tactics pressure victims into revealing personal information or making payments for non-existent deliveries.

If you suspect a potential scam, do not hesitate to report it to the authorities and spread the word to protect others from falling prey to these insidious schemes.

We can work together to combat these scams and protect our communities from financial harm by staying informed and alert.

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