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[Watch] Luxury Coffee Fails To Impress At KLCC, Despite RM1,216 Price Tag

[Watch] Luxury Coffee Fails To Impress At KLCC, Despite RM1,216 Price Tag

The luxurious cup of Paraiso Gold coffee sampled by the food blogger has garnered significant attention due to its price and the blogger’s subsequent review.

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A recent social media sensation has emerged surrounding a luxurious cup of coffee priced at an astonishing RM1,216, prompting widespread discussion and amusement.

The costly beverage, Paraiso Gold coffee from South America, was sampled by a food blogger at a renowned century-old chain coffee shop within the iconic Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur.

The cafe, often dubbed the “Hermès of the Coffee World” for its exclusive offerings, is celebrated for its expensive delicacies and diverse coffee selections.

The food blogger’s experience, shared on TikTok by user @walaofoodie, detailed her interaction with the cafe’s staff before partaking in the high-priced coffee.

@walaofoodie 什么咖啡竟然卖 RM1200 #糖果 #天价咖啡 ♬ original sound – 大马哇佬味

Despite being informed by the clerk about the rarity and limited production of the Paraiso Gold coffee and its purported “excellent wine taste and aroma,” the blogger expressed disappointment after sampling the beverage.

The coffee shop advertises the coffee as having rose, green apple, wild berry, and pineapple flavours.

She remarked that the taste failed to distinguish itself from other coffees, indicating an inability to discern its purported uniqueness.

The blogger’s candid assessment and positive remarks about the cafe’s pastries have sparked a wave of reactions from netizens, who found amusement in her unmet expectations.

The Intriguing Tale Behind the RM1,216 Cup of Paraiso Gold Coffee

The Paraiso Gold coffee owes its exorbitant cost to several factors.

Originating from South America, this coffee is produced in limited quantities and is grown at high altitudes of around 1,100 meters.

These conditions are known to create a unique flavour profile due to the specific climate and soil conditions, often resulting in a coffee that has a complex taste with hints of various fruits and an aroma akin to fine wine.

While some may appreciate the subtle nuances and rarity contributing to such a high price point, others might not find the experience justifies the cost.

In Malaysia, where the luxury goods and services market is growing but still emerging, the worth of such an expensive coffee is debatable.

At the same time, certain social media users accurately noted that its exorbitant price is likely to draw influencers aiming to create viral content.

This price does not necessarily represent what you might pay for Paraiso coffee beans or a cup made from them at other locations worldwide.

The price of Paraiso coffee can vary significantly depending on the location and the retailer.

For example, in Europe, Paraiso coffee is sold for €8.90 (RM45.15) for a 250g package, which is about €3.56 (RM18.06) per 100g.

In Japan, a specific variety related to the Cup of Excellence (COE) 2019 #17 from Brazil named Paraiso was listed at ¥1,728 (RM55.79), although the package size isn’t specified.

It’s important to note that such prices are not solely reflective of the coffee beans market price but also include the premium experience offered by high-end establishments.

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