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Sultan Ibrahim of Johor Calls For Direct Reporting Structure Between SPRM, Petronas And Agong

Sultan Ibrahim of Johor Calls For Direct Reporting Structure Between SPRM, Petronas And Agong

By streamlining the reporting process, he aims to ensure that these critical institutions are more closely aligned with the highest office in the country.

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Sultan Ibrahim Almarhum Sultan Iskandar of Johor has unleashed a game-changing proposal to combat corruption and boost transparency.

The Sultan calls for a direct reporting structure between the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (SPRM), Petronas, and the Agong.

With his imminent ascent to the nation’s throne just around the corner, Sultan Ibrahim is leaving no stone unturned in his quest for accountability and efficiency.

He believes this audacious reporting system will be the ultimate weapon against corruption within these crucial institutions.

While the SPRM currently answers to Parliament, Sultan Ibrahim wants them to report directly to the Agong.

If this daring move goes through, it could revolutionize how corruption is tackled in Malaysia.

The Sultan’s vision for a direct reporting structure is set to shake things up and keep the powers that be on their toes.

Sultan’s Bold Vision: Reviving the High-Speed Rail and Embracing Forest City!

The proposal is amidst ongoing discussions about the revival of the long-awaited high-speed rail (HSR) project between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

Despite the Malaysian government’s reluctance to fund the estimated RM100 billion project, the Sultan has put forward a private finance initiative where the government would pay the contractor to operate the line on a 30-year lease before assuming ownership.

At the same time, Sultan Ibrahim believes the HSR project should include Forest City.

Forest City, a massive development project spanning 2,833 hectares (7,000 acres) along Johor’s coast, has garnered attention recently.

It was initially unveiled in 2016 by China’s largest property developer, Country Garden, as part of the Belt and Road Initiative.

The ambitious project aimed to attract Chinese buyers and was expected to contribute significantly to the local economy.

A Voice for the People: Sultan Ibrahim’s Defiance and Determination to Shape Malaysia’s Destiny

The Sultan’s vision for his five-year term goes beyond the HSR and reshaping critical institutions such as the judiciary and anti-graft agency to make them accountable.

Additionally, he intends to have a more significant say in evaluating recipients for royal awards, signalling a departure from traditional practices.

While the Sultan’s ambitions may test the boundaries of his powers, his influence as king has been growing in recent years.

Known for his outspoken nature, Sultan Ibrahim is determined not to be a mere “puppet king”.

Sultan Ibrahim does not shy away from using his influence to address pressing issues and hold politicians accountable for their actions.

With his impending ascension to the throne, he has made it clear that he intends to wield his power responsibly and actively work towards rectifying the issues plaguing the nation.

In addition to his plans for institutional changes and award evaluations, Sultan Ibrahim has also been vocal about addressing various societal issues.

He has used his platform and influence to advocate for causes such as environmental conservation, education reform, and social welfare.

With an active social media presence and a hands-on approach, he aims to make a lasting impact on Malaysia’s political landscape.

As Sultan Ibrahim prepares to ascend to the throne, all eyes are on him as he seeks to shape Malaysia’s future and ensure that the voices of its people are heard.

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Disclaimer: This article is based on an interview conducted by The Straits Times with Sultan Ibrahim Iskandar of Johor.

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