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Public Invited To File Class Action Lawsuit Against Perkeso Over Data Leak

Public Invited To File Class Action Lawsuit Against Perkeso Over Data Leak

The recent breach, brought to light by a hacker group, exposed personal information samples, including names, IC numbers, phone numbers, salaries, business names, and even blood types.

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In a groundbreaking move, the public is invited to join a class action lawsuit against Perkeso, the nation’s social security organization, following a significant data leak.

This opportunity allows affected individuals to collectively seek justice and compensation for the damages caused by the breach of their personal information.

The class action lawsuit, led by a legal firm known as Nas Rahman & Co, aims to hold Perkeso accountable for the data leak and its consequences.

By joining forces, the public can make a powerful statement against negligence in data security and demand appropriate compensation for the harm suffered.

Inviting to participate in the class action lawsuit allows affected individuals to assert their rights and seek redress for any losses or damages incurred.

Demanding Accountability: Join the Class Action Lawsuit to Make Data Breaches Count

This legal action powerfully conveys that data breaches cannot go unnoticed or unpunished.

If you have been affected by the data leak from Perkeso and wish to join the class action lawsuit, it is crucial to seek guidance from the legal firm handling the case.

They will provide the necessary information and support throughout the legal proceedings.

This initiative highlights the importance of data protection and the need for organizations to prioritize robust cybersecurity measures.

As data breaches become more prevalent, it is essential to hold responsible parties accountable and ensure that individuals’ personal information is safeguarded.

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Perkeso Cyber Attack: Safeguarding Data Amidst Breach

Perkeso has recently confirmed a cyber attack on its systems, database, and website.

Despite the cyber attack, Perkeso affirms its capacity to deliver services to Socso contributors, employers, and the public remains intact.

The attack was brought to attention by a hacker group who posted a forum thread claiming that Perkeso’s systems had been compromised.

The group also shared sample data containing personal information and even posted a recording of Perkeso’s video meeting on the data breach, which has since been removed from YouTube.

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