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Thief Splurges On McD After Robbing Malaysians At Paris Hotel

Thief Splurges On McD After Robbing Malaysians At Paris Hotel

He was also caught leaving the hotel with their belongings.

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What was supposed to be a romantic and pleasant vacation quickly became a traumatic experience for a Malaysian couple. The couple who had travelled to Paris, had their belongings stolen at a renowned hotel. 

According to Allen Tee, he and his wife had booked a stay at the hotel located in the Opéra district. He had picked the venue based on recommendations, assuming it was safe since it was also a renowned hotel.

Hence, the couple placed their suitcases in the room and carried on with their tourist itinerary as scheduled. But upon returning, the couple were shocked to discover that their suitcases had been cut open. 

Allen Tee

Their valuables which included cash, a wallet, bank cards, a laptop, an iPad, a phone, and even a newly bought branded skirt were stolen. 

To make matters worse, the robber wasted no time splurging on the couple’s credit card. 

“The thief swiped my card. When I called the bank to suspend the credit card service, the thief was still rampant. He used my card to order McDonald’s. How sophisticated and recidivist must he be to use my card like this?” wrote Allen angrily. 

Allen Tee

Official report

Naturally, the couple were compelled to call the police. The police, according to the couple, reacted to the incident without a sense of urgency. 

“The police came over and asked us a few questions. Then, they went into the room and asked us more questions. They said it was nothing and asked us to report the incident to a nearby police station. 

Allen Tee

“Their reactions made this seem like a common event, and the police have become numb to the occurrence of this type of thing,” explained Allen. 

As such, the couple proceeded to head to a nearby police station. The authorities were of no help as they reportedly ignored the couple. 

And when they attended to the couple, who brought the hotel manager with them, the police did not bother communicating with them in English. In fact, they were heard laughing at the couple at one point for not understanding the conversation. 

Allen Tee

Collaborative work 

When reflecting on the culprit, the couple believed someone within the hotel’s team collaborated with the thief. He noted that the renowned hotel seemingly allows outsiders unrestricted access, enabling them to enter the premises at will. 

“For such a large hotel, outsiders can enter the hotel at will, go up to the guest room floors, steal the room cards, and then leave the hotel with stolen goods without any of the hotel staff noticing (by this point, we already felt like it was an inside job),” he added. 

His suspicion seems to hold some truth as the thief was caught hiding in another room. He was confronted by a French guest who understood Mandarin. 

Allen Tee

Although he was unable to catch the thief, he was able to take a picture of him. 

“The guest only had time to take two pictures. The photo proves it (the bag the thief is carrying is ours, and the things inside are our treasures).”

Check in somewhere else

Allen and his wife were rightfully disappointed with the help they received – both from the hotel and police. Both parties did not take the matter seriously.

Therefore, they moved to a different hotel and had to reimburse themselves for their missing items. Regardless, the couple were determined to complete their trip despite having to cancel some activities. 

It is unfortunate that the couple had to undergo this. While we understand how frustrating it was for them, we appreciate them bringing awareness to the issue. 

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