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[Watch] Elderly Chinese Voter In Kemaman Praises PAS For Looking After His Community

[Watch] Elderly Chinese Voter In Kemaman Praises PAS For Looking After His Community

PAS’s ability to fulfil their election manifesto and address longstanding issues has undoubtedly earned them recognition and support from a wide range of voters.

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In a truly remarkable turn of events, a Chinese uncle residing in Kemaman has expressed his admiration for the political party PAS despite the party being previously demonized as anti-Chinese.

The Chinese uncle voter specifically applauded PAS for their remarkable ability to successfully address the long-standing issue of land grants, which had remained unresolved under the previous Barisan Nasional (Bn) administration.

This achievement has further solidified the Chinese uncle’s commendation of PAS, as he recognizes and appreciates the party’s commitment to fulfilling their election manifesto promises.

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He highlighted the party’s efforts in providing free local council taxes and extending assistance to Chinese schools, which have greatly benefited the local community.

He emphasized that Datuk Seri Ahmad Samsuri Mokhtar, the Menteri Besar of Terengganu, has demonstrated his dedication to the Kemaman constituency by delivering on pledges, including resolving land grant disputes and improving facilities such as the local mortuary.

These accomplishments have earned the party significant support from the community.

A Testament to Effective Governance and Cross-Cultural Appeal”

The recent Kemaman by-election further solidified PAS’s popularity, as they retained their seat and secured a more significant majority.

Ahmad Samsuri, affectionately known as Dr Sam among his supporters, has emerged as the victor in the Kemaman by-election for the parliamentary seat.

With an outstanding vote-majority of over 37,000 votes, as confirmed by the Election Commission (EC), he has even emerged as a highly regarded candidate for the position of Prime Minister.

The victory showcases the trust and confidence that voters, including the Chinese uncle, have placed in the party’s ability to govern effectively and address the needs of the people.

As Kemaman continues to thrive under PAS’s leadership, other constituencies are expected to take note of their achievements and consider the party’s approach when making their own electoral decisions.

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