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Rise In Elderly Citizens Getting Into Accidents

Rise In Elderly Citizens Getting Into Accidents

Here is a compilation of recent local accidents that involved senior citizens.

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Every driver, at one point or another, has gotten themselves into accidents on the road. Regardless of their age, various factors contribute to why drivers find themselves in road accidents. 

However, in recent months, there has been a spike in cases of accidents involving senior citizens. Whether it is them as drivers or pedestrians, various senior citizens recently had the misfortune of suffering the consequences of road accidents. 


From getting hit in a restaurant to crashing a car into a lottery outlet, here are the recent cases of accidents involving elderly citizens. 

Crashed at KM365 of the North-South Expressway 

Last month, two elderly citizens passed away after they crashed into the back of a truck at KM365 northbound on the North-South Expressway near Slim River. 

The two, aged 83 and 76, died on the spot during the accident on 6 October. 

According to Perak Fire and Rescue Department operations centre officer-in-charge Faiezaruddin Mohd Yusop, the victims were found trapped in the vehicle. 

The truck driver, however, survived the incident. 

“The trailer driver, 31, was unharmed,” Faiezaruddin was quoted saying during the investigation last month. 

Crashing into a lottery shop 

In October, there was also an incident of an elderly man crashing into a lottery shop in Penang. 

The 65-year-old driver had accidentally stepped on the accelerator pedal of his car, causing him to crash into the shop in Taman Molek, Butterworth. 

He had supposedly only wanted to park his vehicle in front of the shop. He was indeed found pinned to his seat by the authorities when they were called to the scene. 

A worker was unfortunately injured from the misstep. 

“A female worker, in her 70s, sustained injuries to her hands and legs. She was sitting at a dining table nearby at the time. She was also sent to the same hospital for treatment,” said Noorhisham Noor, Butterworth fire and rescue station operations officer. 

Crashing into kopitiam 

Just last week, an elderly woman accidentally crashed into a Kopitiam in Cheras. She had gone to the Kopitiam with her friends for breakfast. While she was attempting to park her car, she suddenly felt dizzy. 

She then mistakenly stepped on the accelerator, causing her vehicle to crash into the shop. This in return left two individuals injured. 

The victims were then rushed to Kajang Hospital for immediate medical attention. The driver, who was visibly shaken by the incident, was also taken to the hospital for examination. 

According to Chen Jin Chang, Chairman of the Cheras Eleven Mile New Village Management Committee, the driver had wanted to take her medication after breakfast but was unexpectedly overcome with dizziness, leading to the tragic incident.

Died from crash in restaurant 

The same nature of the previous incident was illustrated in this case. An elderly woman was tragically killed after a car crashed into the restaurant she was in. 


Tan Joo Lan, 75 was having breakfast when the car suddenly crashed into the restaurant she was in Taman Meranti, Bahau. 

Due to this, she suffered severe neck injuries, leading to her immediate death. The other victim, a 35-year-old victim survived but endured neck injuries. 

This was all due to a misstep by the driver, who was attempting to park his car.

“A 78-year-old man was trying to park his car in front of the shop but he accidentally pressed the accelerator and hit the two women eating inside the restaurant,” noted Jempol district police chief Hoo Chang Hook.

Out of control Myvi 

This last incident involved an elderly woman who crashed her Perodua Myvi into other drivers on the road. 


Superintendent V. Saravanan contended that the victims, who were three drivers and three bikers, were stopped at the traffic light junction. 

They were waiting for the light to turn green before the elderly woman suddenly crashed into them. 

“Suddenly, a Perodua Myvi, driven by an elderly woman, went out of control and crashed into the vehicles in front. 

“Besides the driver of the Myvi, three motorcyclists and a pillion rider were injured,” said Superintendent V. Saravanan

The three car drivers, were thankfully, not injured during the incident at Jalan Bukit Gambir. The victims have received treatment for their injuries. The case is currently being investigated under Section 43 of the Road Transport Act 1987. 

The above accidents are truly saddening for both the drivers and the victims. It is unfortunate that they had to undergo this.

But we send our condolences to the family members of the victims who have passed away from this. 

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