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Female Boss Fires 12 Employees Over WhatsApp Group Chatting Scandal

Female Boss Fires 12 Employees Over WhatsApp Group Chatting Scandal

According to the screenshot she shared, these 12 employees were still plotting to resign collectively after receiving their respective salaries, and they did not forget to ridicule her many times during the process.

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A female boss has taken decisive action by terminating the employment of 12 individuals after discovering their involvement in a group chat dedicated to speaking ill of her and ridiculing her.

The incident unfolded when the boss stumbled upon a separate WhatsApp group created by her employees, exclusively used to spread negativity and derogatory remarks about her.

The discovery left the boss furious and deeply hurt, prompting her immediate response to dismiss the 12 individuals involved.

The news was first revealed through a video posted on Facebook by local businesswoman Khalieda Yusra, who shared her betrayal and expressed her intention to terminate the employment of those responsible.

Khalieda, a well-known entrepreneur in the dessert business, was devastated to learn that her employees had conspired against her in such a manner.

Screenshots shared by Khalieda exposed the employees’ plans to collectively resign after receiving their salaries, all while continuously mocking and ridiculing her throughout the process.

Expressing her disappointment and heartbreak, Khalieda demanded that all 12 employees submit their resignation letters within 24 hours.

She questioned the reasons behind their betrayal, visibly distraught by their actions.

Boss Takes Drastic Action Against Employees

Taking matters further, Khalieda reported the incident to the local police station, accusing the employees of attempting to sabotage her business.

She expressed her hope that these individuals would find more positive work environments and better employers in the future.

The incident highlights the importance of maintaining professionalism and respect within the workplace, as such actions can lead to severe repercussions.

The affected employees now face an uncertain future as they search for new employment opportunities.

At the same time, Khalieda said she remains determined to move forward and rebuild her business with a more loyal and supportive team.

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