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[Watch] Siti Kasim Condemns Firing Employees For Wearing Cross, Encourages Legal Action

[Watch] Siti Kasim Condemns Firing Employees For Wearing Cross, Encourages Legal Action

Siti offered her availability if he wished to contact her for further assistance.

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Human rights lawyer Siti Kasim has spoken out against the recent incident in which an employee of a Chinese-Muslim restaurant was fired for wearing a cross necklace.

In a video uploaded on social media, Siti criticized the employer’s actions as “stupid” and suggested that the employee sue the employer for discrimination and unfair dismissal.

Siti emphasized that employees have the right to express their religious beliefs using symbols such as the cross and that it has nothing to do with the food they serve.

She also called on employers to defend their employees’ rights and not discriminate against them based on their religious beliefs.

Government Urged to Protect Religious Freedom in the Workplace

The incident came to light after a video of the employee wearing a cross went viral.

The restaurant’s manager later clarified that the employee had been fired before the video went viral.

It has sparked debate regarding religious freedom and discrimination in the workplace, with many calling for more robust measures to protect employees’ rights.

Former human resource minister M Kulasegaran has also weighed in on the issue, urging the government to take action against stores that fire employees due to religious or racial issues in the workplace.

He urged the government to act promptly to prevent the spread of discrimination based on race or religion.

Kulasegaran expressed concerns that employers might object to workers putting white ash on their foreheads or wearing traditional cultural outfits like sarees if the matter is left unaddressed.

Divergent Opinions Emerge

There are mixed opinions among netizens regarding the recent incident.

Some believe that the firing was necessary as it may have misled Muslims, while others are outraged and see it as an act of religious discrimination.

On the other hand, some argue that the employer should bear the consequences and be held accountable for their actions instead.

The wide range of opinions expressed by netizens highlights the complex nature of balancing religious sensitivity and workplace discrimination.

It underscores the need for careful consideration and open dialogue to find a resolution that respects religious freedom and all individuals’ rights.

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