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Clip Emerges Of Fight At Coldplay’s KL Concert

Clip Emerges Of Fight At Coldplay’s KL Concert

The fight supposedly happened because the assailant had pushed through the crowd to get a closer view of the stage.

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Fans of Coldplay are still not over last evening’s concert. The band truly blew fans away with their performances, with many citing it as their best concert experience ever. 

For one fan, however, the concert was ruined due to another concertgoer – who physically assaulted him during the concert. 

According to the clip on TikTok, the victim had bought a ticket near the stage. While he was enjoying the view and singing along to the tunes, he noticed a Caucasian man and a group of people pushing through the crowd.

@duckyy88 Unexpected scene in coldplay concert #coldplay #coldplaykl #coldplaymalaysia ♬ 原聲 – Yi Siang

They supposedly were doing this for quite some time during the concert, to get a better view of the stage. The victim then confronted them, asking them to return to the back. 

Although most in the group did not respond, the Caucasian man replied and got into an argument with the victim. This quickly escalated to a physical exchange.

The assailant punched the victim in the face and the pair got into a physical fight. Fortunately, the security team intervened on time. They forcefully escorted the assailant out of the concert. 

@mintsmints_ This fcker (mats saleh) and the gang out of nowhere tolak tolak and try to menyelit menyelit kedepan in the middle of the concert. #coldplay #musicofthespheresworldtour ♬ original sound – Miss Tulip 🌷

And while he was being escorted out, the crowd could be heard booing him. 

Pushing all the way through 

According to the comment section, the assailant and his group of friends were doing this throughout the concert.

One user detailed how he had also come across the same man who had tried to cut the emergency queue. But he was stopped by the security guard.


Another user, Muzaffar Kamaruzaman, also saw him and his group of friends pushing the crowd earlier. He was again stopped by the security guard and was booed by the other concertgoers. 


Other users in the comment section, however, were furious at him for doing this. 

They accused him of being a white supremacist and taking advantage of fellow Malaysian concertgoers, seeing how he was bigger than everyone else. 


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