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Year 6 Graduation Ceremony At Hotel, Parents Express Concerns Over Additional Fees

Year 6 Graduation Ceremony At Hotel, Parents Express Concerns Over Additional Fees

The cost for parents to attend is an additional RM340.

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A recent incident in Sabah has sparked a debate regarding the costs associated with graduation ceremonies for Year 6 students.

Parents and guardians are concerned about the additional charges for attending the certificate presentation ceremony.

While it is customary for graduation ceremonies to be held in educational institutions or learning facilities, this event required parents to pay an extra RM100 fee to accompany their children at a hotel venue.

Traditionally, graduation ceremonies for Year 6 students are held within the school premises, providing a more cost-effective option for families.

However, the decision to hold this ceremony at a hotel has raised questions about the necessity and value of such an arrangement.

Parents Advocate for Cost-Effective and Meaningful Graduation Ceremonies

Some parents argue that the additional cost is unjustified and wasteful, especially considering that Year 6 graduations typically do not involve diplomas or degrees.

The incident has prompted calls for further consideration and reflection on the matter.

Many parents urge school authorities to rethink their approach and find more reasonable alternatives that align with families’ expectations and financial capabilities.

They believe that such events should prioritize educational significance rather than becoming a burden on parents.

Educators and administrators need to consider the concerns raised by parents and guardians regarding the costs associated with graduation ceremonies.

By fostering open dialogue and considering alternative options, schools can ensure that these events remain meaningful and accessible to all students and their families.

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