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Divorced Woman Earning RM600 A Month Struggles To Provide For Her Four Children

Divorced Woman Earning RM600 A Month Struggles To Provide For Her Four Children

With a meagre monthly salary as a bus ticket seller, Karen and her children have lived at a bus terminal for over a month.

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In a heart-wrenching story, a divorced woman with a monthly income of only RM600 finds herself sleeping in a mosque and struggling to provide for her four children.

The dire circumstances have led to situations where the children can only share a piece of fried chicken, highlighting their harsh reality.

The story came to light when a netizen, @AbudiAlsagoff, shared a screenshot of a social media post by a woman named Donna Karen.

In her post, Karen expressed her hardships as a single mother after her divorce.

Karen revealed that she had recently been divorced, lost her job due to illness, and was forced to find work as a bus ticket seller with a meagre monthly salary.

With no place to live, Karen and her children have stayed in the bus terminal for over a month.

The kindness of a janitor who works there provides some relief as he packs food for the children.

Despite the challenges, Karen remains determined to improve her situation.

She expressed her willingness to continue her studies and strive for a better future for herself and her children.

She shared that she had applied for a diploma in security courses through Socso and would commute with her children to attend classes.

Her children patiently sit on the stairs outside the classroom during class and read quietly.

Passersby have also shown kindness by buying packaged drinks for the children.

Social Media Outpouring of Sympathy

The post has gained significant attention on social media, accumulating over 426,000 views, 5,400 likes, and 2,600 retweets and shares.

Netizens have expressed sympathy for Karen’s plight and admiration for her resilience in raising her children.

While many applaud Karen’s strength and determination, some question why mothers are burdened with maternal and paternal responsibilities.

They argue that fathers should play an active role in raising their children, alleviating some of the hardships faced by single mothers like Karen.

This story serves as a poignant reminder of the challenges faced by single mothers and the importance of providing support systems to help them overcome adversity.

Some individuals offered words of comfort, suggesting that children who experience challenging circumstances in their upbringing often have a higher likelihood of achieving success in the future.

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