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[Watch] Bangladeshi Boasts: Malaysians Green With Envy Over Our Success

[Watch] Bangladeshi Boasts: Malaysians Green With Envy Over Our Success

In the video, the man claimed that Malaysia has become prosperous only because of the hard work of foreign workers, particularly those from Bangladesh.

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A video of a Bangladeshi man insulting and belittling Malaysians has sparked outrage on social media.

In the video, the man claimed that Malaysia has become a prosperous country only because of the hard work of foreign workers, particularly those from Bangladesh.

The man goes on to say that Bangladeshis in Malaysia have the potential to become Members of Parliament and even the Prime Minister one day.

He also criticizes a Malaysian individual for allegedly attacking shops owned by foreign workers in Penang.

The video has been met with widespread condemnation from Malaysians, who have criticized the man’s disrespectful attitude towards their country and people.

Many have pointed out that Malaysia’s success is due to a combination of factors, including the hard work of its citizens and foreign workers.

The incident has also raised concerns about treating foreign workers in Malaysia.

While many foreign workers contribute significantly to Malaysia’s economy, they often face poor working conditions and discrimination.

The government has yet to comment on the incident, but many call for measures to prevent similar incidents.


Dengar dan pikir sendiri,dgn nada berani mereka cuba pertahankan hak dan kedudukan mereka dinegara kita.xmustahil org cengini bpeluang cerah utk dpt ic dan seterusnya mjd pemimpin kaum bangla dan rohingya dan tubuh kesatuan dikalangan mereka utk menuntut lbh lg dr kita.10 atau 20 thn xmustahil dikalangan bangsa dan keturunan mereka akan jd ahli parlimen dan adun atau munkin menteri dan bgabung dgn parti pendatng yg lain utk mcapai hak..masa tu melayu akan jd bangsat sebangsatnya dan pemimpin politaik xkira parti mana akan myesal mbiarkan ini blaku..tungula saat itu.pasti akan tjd..dlm isu kedaulatan negara,aku xkira dr partipun kamu,jika kamu tak ambik tahu pasal ni,aku tetap melawan krn ini melibatkan masadpn negara dan anakcucu cicitkan.ingat,tampa negara,nak beribadat pun payah,usahkan nak bdakwah,jadi politik dan agama adalah seiring dan bukan ambik satu SAHAJA daripadanya..pikir..

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Pride and prejudice

There are also concerns about local women marrying Bangladeshis, which has been discussed in Malaysia.

Some Bangladeshi migrants have managed to marry Malaysian women and become entrepreneurs, drawing on their shared Muslim faith with the Malay-Muslim majority.

While there are some positive stories about local women marrying Bangladeshis, there are also negative attitudes towards such marriages and concerns about the treatment of Bangladeshi migrant workers in Malaysia.

Some Malaysian women are reportedly happy with their Bangladeshi husbands, while others have faced discrimination and have been told they are marrying Bangladeshis for money.

The latest foreigners implicated are Pakistanis, who are said to have entered Malaysia illegally through a human trafficking syndicate.

This has raised concerns about the country’s security and safety and the treatment of illegal immigrants.

According to Berita Harian, citing the Immigration Department, the modus operandi of this syndicate involves smuggling undocumented immigrants from Pakistan into Malaysia by having them board flights that land in Thailand.

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