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Abang Tesla Reveals Second Wife, Netizens Divided On Polygamy

Abang Tesla Reveals Second Wife, Netizens Divided On Polygamy

Abang Tesla recently shared a photo on his Instagram account that showed himself and his two wives at KLIA airport with luggage in tow.

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Controversial social media influencer Abang Tesla, whose real name is Muhammad Khal Iltizam Yusry, has finally revealed the face of his second wife after getting married on 18 August.

Abang Tesla, known for his viral TikTok videos, posted a picture with both of his wives on Instagram before leaving to perform Umrah and travel to Turkey.

The post garnered various reactions from social media users, especially women who left comments after seeing the face of Abang Tesla’s second wife for the first time.

Despite being a couple, Abang Tesla had never revealed the face of his second wife, Nursyafiqa Mohd Hanafi, 22, until now

Some commenters said these two women possess kind hearts and good character.

Netizens also urge others not to criticize Abang Tesla, as he is also human.

They added that Abang Tesla’s wife has permitted him and is content with the situation; therefore, everyone should pray for their marriage to be blessed by God.

Abang Tesla married his second wife after a few months of dating through social media platforms.

The young entrepreneur has also informed that he has prepared a residence for his second wife in Johor Bahru.

Netizens’ take on Abang Tesla’s polygamous marriage

Abang Tesla’s highly publicized marriage to a second wife on social media has received criticism from many individuals.

They see polygamy as a form of oppression that can lead to inequality and mistreatment of women.

In contrast, others view it as a religious or cultural tradition allowing men to have multiple wives.

Some have even speculated that Abang Tesla chose to marry again because he could not conceive with his first wife, while others have different opinions.

Some suggested that in today’s modern era, polygamy may not be as relevant as it was during the time of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

They implied that some individuals may choose to enter polygamous marriages for reasons driven by desire rather than necessity or religious duty.

Some said they were not necessarily concerned about Abang Tesla’s decision to marry again, regardless if he could afford it.

Instead, they were indignant at how he disrespected his first wife by publicly discussing his plans for future children and marriage.

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