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Parents Claim Restaurant Worker Pulled Down Son’s Pants In Toilet

Parents Claim Restaurant Worker Pulled Down Son’s Pants In Toilet

The man pulled down the boy’s trousers to check if he was circumcised or not.

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The parents of a boy lodged a police report against a restaurant worker following an incident where their underage son was allegedly molested when he was in the restaurant’s toilet.

“Right after school, we headed to this eatery. My son needed to use the bathroom. When he came back to the table, he was crying. 

“When we asked him what happened, he stayed silent and stopped eating,” said the parent in their Facebook post. 


He only opened up after they went into their car. Shockingly he revealed that the restaurant worker pulled down his trousers when he was using the restroom. The worker supposedly was curious to know if the boy was circumcised or not. 

Naturally, the parents were furious upon hearing this. They then confronted the worker but he pretended that he was not in the wrong. 

“I turned the car around and directly confronted the guy. He acted like nothing was wrong. Small kids don’t lie about stuff like this,” noted the parent in the post. 


The manager, however, came over and apologised for the matter. The parents then told the manager that the worker should not be working at the eatery given his behaviour. 

“Initially, we considered not going to the police out of concern for the guy’s livelihood. However, we ultimately decided that a police report was necessary,” they added. 


They then ended their post with cautionary advice, urging parents to be alert and watch over their children when in public. 

Internet agrees full-heartedly 

Netizens online were glad that the parents brought the matter over to the authorities. They believed it was the right thing to do. Though it may tarnish the restaurant’s reputation, netizens argued this was the right measure to take to prevent this from happening again. 


One user claimed that if the parents did not report this now, the worker would definitely continue committing the crime. Another user shared the same sentiment, noting that if they were the boss, they would have fired the worker immediately. 

Whereas some netizens were worried about the consequences of this incident on the restaurant. Though they were sympathetic toward the boy, they were fearful of the future of the eatery.  

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