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Man Dumped After Girlfriend Learns About His “Affair With His Mother”

Man Dumped After Girlfriend Learns About His “Affair With His Mother”

He has apparently been in a relationship with his mother his whole life.

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If you have ever been in a relationship, you know getting cheated on is among the worst things that can ever happen to you. This is especially true if you personally know the individual whom your partner cheats with. 

But who knew, that third person could ever be someone’s very own mother? That was tragically the case with one local woman who opened up on Twitter about the experience. 

Writing to the Keeper of Malaysian Secrets, the anonymous woman disclosed that she had broken up with her boyfriend after catching him having an affair with his own mother. 


According to her note, her 30-year-old former partner had been in an incestuous relationship with his mother his whole life. While she did not share how exactly she caught them in the act, she revealed that she was disgusted upon making that discovery. 

“It’s no wonder his mother is very protective of him and always gets jealous whenever he’s seeing someone. I’m not entirely sure if his siblings knew about this but whatever it is, I really hope it’ll end,” she said. 

She is, however, certain that his former girlfriend (before her) may have also found out about the relationship. This is due to her cryptic tweets after the breakup. 

The Internet’s Response 

Given the nature of the situation, it is not surprising that the incident went viral online. Many netizens were, as expected, taken back by the incident. One user could not comprehend that such a scenario could happen in Malaysia. 

“Astagfirullahaladzim. There are such stories like these. God, I am terrified,” commented the user. 


Another simply wrote, “That’s it, enough Twitter for today. I’m officially traumatized.” 

Nevertheless, one user was not surprised by the event as she personally met someone within her social circle, who had a similar nature of relationship. 


“My boyfriend’s cousin had a forbidden affair with his own sister. Everyone thought they were strengthening the bond every time they meet. My BF’s mom told the cousin to stop seeing his sister or everything will be revealed,” tweeted the netizen.

As of now, there has been no updates to the story. This may be for the best as we ourselves might be traumatised if we hear more.

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