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Son Outraged As Mother Falls Victim To RM800 Health Pants MLM Scheme

Son Outraged As Mother Falls Victim To RM800 Health Pants MLM Scheme

The man took to social media to express his fury after his mother ‘wasted’ her hard-earned money from selling laksa.

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A man’s frustration peaked when he discovered that his mother, a humble laksa seller, had fallen victim to a multi-level marketing (MLM) scheme, investing her hard-earned money into a pair of “health pants” priced at an astounding RM800.

The incident, which came to light through a social media post by the man, identified as “@MusytaqAshari,” has sparked outrage and raised concerns about the predatory practices of MLM companies targeting vulnerable individuals.

According to the post (which had since been deleted), the man’s mother was encouraged by a friend to purchase the exorbitantly priced sports and health pants. She was subsequently invited to join a group to sell related products.

The catch? She had to find three more people to join the scheme, a classic hallmark of MLM practices.

The man, visibly angered by the situation, pointed out the absurdity of the price tag, stating, “As far as I know, this is MLM, and RM800 for such pants is simply unreasonable.”

He further questioned the supposed health benefits of the pants, a sentiment echoed by many netizens who agreed with his scepticism.

The online community rallied behind the man, expressing their support and sharing similar experiences with MLM schemes that preyed on unsuspecting individuals.

A Call to Action: Protecting Our Loved Ones from Predatory Practices

What added to the man’s frustration was that his mother’s sole income came from selling laksa at a roadside stall.

The RM800 she had painstakingly earned was now gone, invested in a product that he described as nothing more than overpriced “tights.”

Despite the man’s attempts to explain the nature of the MLM scheme to his mother, she remained firmly convinced of the health pants’ benefits, leaving him feeling helpless and exasperated.

This incident is a stark reminder of the predatory nature of many MLM schemes.

These schemes often target vulnerable individuals, such as the elderly or those with limited financial means.

The allure of quick profits and promised health benefits can be difficult to resist, leading to people investing their hard-earned money into products with questionable value.

As more cases like this come to light, authorities must act against fraudulent MLM practices and educate the public about the risks associated with such schemes.

Only through awareness and vigilance can we protect our loved ones from falling victim to these predatory practices and ensure that unscrupulous individuals and organizations do not exploit their hard work and financial security.

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