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Mother Forced To Eat Canned Sardines With Worms Due to Financial Constraints

Mother Forced To Eat Canned Sardines With Worms Due to Financial Constraints

She reminds the public to check canned food before cooking and expresses her disappointment that the company did not care for the food hygiene and safety of canned sardines.

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A mother in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, was forced to feed her family canned sardines that were infested with worms due to financial constraints.

In a TikTok posting uploaded by user @Chef Tido, the mother complained that many nematodes in the canned sardines were poured out, making her feel sick.

The mother claimed she relied on tinned sardines to feed her family while waiting to be paid but was unlucky to buy a tin infested with worms.

Since there were no extra ingredients, she had to scoop up the raw worms and serve them to her family.

I still want to live on canned sardines until the day I get paid, but I don’t know that they are full of worms, so much that I can’t pick them up one by one.

The victim lamenting that it was the end of the month, and she can only afford canned sardines.

According to mStar, when the victim was cooking canned sardines, she was surprised that “little things” were wriggling in the pot.

After a closer look, she was shocked to find they were worms.

Reminder To Check Canned Food Before Cooking

The video has sparked discussions among netizens who have shared similar experiences.

Some have expressed fear of canned sardines due to the presence of nematodes.

This incident highlights the importance of food safety and hygiene, especially for those who rely on affordable canned food due to financial constraints.

Consumers are urged to check all canned food before consuming them and report any issues to the relevant authorities.

Meanwhile, some said sardines are by no means cheap; hence the more affordable ones are more prone to worm contamination due to poor quality.

Not The First Time

In 2018, the authorities found several canned sardine brands that contained nematode worms.

The Ministry of Health took action and ordered the companies involved to withdraw the product from the market.

Additionally, the products were subjected to Hold, Test and Release measures against importing canned fish products at all country entry points.

The action was taken to ensure the safety of imported products in the market.

The process involves taking samples of the products, testing them for safety and then releasing them into the market only if they are proven safe for consumption or use.

The ministry added that it would inspect all production factories for locally produced canned fish products.

Then Director-General of Health, Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah, stated that the health risk for consumers of canned fish products is very low because the worms involved are already dead due to the cooking or canning process.

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