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[Watch] Penang Bullying Incident: 9 Students Suspended For 14 Days

[Watch] Penang Bullying Incident: 9 Students Suspended For 14 Days

Police have arrested all suspects involved in bullying at a school in Butterworth, which went viral on social media.

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In a recent school bullying incident, nine students at a secondary school in Bagan Jaya, Penang, Malaysia have been suspended for 14 days.

The punishment was meted out by the school’s parent-teacher association (PIBG).

The incident involved two separate cases of bullying, which prompted an emergency meeting between the parents of the students involved and the PIBG.

Sin Chew reported that the PIBG imposed a two-week suspension on the students involved in the case.

While the association does not support the expulsion of students, the bullying incident was a special case that required action to be taken to explain the situation to other parents and the community.

The parents of the nine students involved and the Penang State Education Department acknowledged the decision to suspend the students.

Parents of Students Involved Apologize to Victims’ Parents

The parents of the students involved in the case also apologized to the parents of the victimized students at the meeting.

The two sides also shook hands to make peace.

The incident has attracted widespread attention and has prompted calls for action against secret societies that infiltrate schools.

It was alleged that the students involved were instructed by the upper echelon of a secret society to beat a student who wanted to leave and switch to another party.

A video was also taken during the process to report to the higher-ups.

Police Investigation Continues, Possible Action Against Secret Societies

Penang Chief Police Chief Datuk Khaw Kok Chin has stated that the police are still investigating the bullying case and may take action against any relevant secret society.

RTM quoted him as saying that police would take the statement of all suspects involved.

All suspects were remanded for four days for investigation but were released on bail due to age.

The Ministry of Education has also stated that it will fully cooperate with the police investigation and not compromise on bullying.

The incident serves as a reminder that schools are sacred places that cultivate the pillars of society.

As such, it is important to remain vigilant against bullying or infiltration by secret societies.

At the same time, some netizens indignant at the incident have taken to social media to expose the bullies.

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