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This Is How LRT Commuters Are ‘Trapped’ By Ramadan Bazaar

This Is How LRT Commuters Are ‘Trapped’ By Ramadan Bazaar

Many people who took the LRT to work did not return to remove their vehicles in time.

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As the annual Ramadan bazaar started, some LRT commuters were surprised.

They had parked their cars in parking lots with a Ramadan bazaar.

As a result, the cars were stuck in the bazaar and LRT commuters had to wait for the hawkers to close their stalls before moving the car home.

Recently, social media was flooded with photos of multiple cars trapped in a Ramadan bazaar, causing heated discussions among netizens.

According to the photos uploaded, a Ramadan bazaar was set up in an open-air parking space in a commercial area.

Most traders ignored the cars and set up stalls in front of the parking spaces or cars that have not been moved.

Sure enough, people flocked to buy food and prepare to break their fast at home.

Some netizens said that it happened in Puchong Prima Gardens.

It is understood that there is an MRT station near Puchong Prima Gardens, so every day, many people park their cars in the parking spaces of the nearby commercial centre.

They then take the LRT to go to work or go shopping.

Not Without Warning

The city council had put up notices as early as a month ago, reminding people to move their cars out of the way before the specified time to “give way” to the Ramadan bazaar.

In this regard, some netizens hope the local council can re-plan and find a new location for the Ramadan bazaar.

After all, it is a legal parking space and should not be a place for hawkers to operate.

Many commuters who work in urban areas usually park their cars in the outdoor parking spaces of the MRT station.

However, some netizens disagreed as the Ramadan bazaar in the area has always been operating at the same spot.

Therefore, the public should understand the situation.

You’re sure to have a blast at Ramadan bazaars. (Video: Destinasi TV)

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