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GE15: You’re Covid-19 Positive? Here Are The SOPs From KKM For Voting Day This 19 November

GE15: You’re Covid-19 Positive? Here Are The SOPs From KKM For Voting Day This 19 November

One of the SOPs given out by KKM is for Covid-19 positive individuals to avoid taking public transportation, including Grab.

Melissa Suraya Ismail

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As GE15 is closing in on us, we’re all getting ready to go out and vote this 19 November.

But at the same time, Covid-19 cases are indeed rising. Even though we’re long past the endemic phase, we still need to be vigilant with our surroundings and hygiene.

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But what if you’re Covid positive on the fateful day itself? You have a duty to serve the country by voting but can you still go voting even if you’re infected?

The answer is yes, KKM says you can still vote

You can still perform your duty and vote on 19 November but you have to abide by specific rules to do so.

Here are the SOPs issued by the Ministry of Health Malaysia (KKM) regarding Covid-19 positive individuals going out to vote.

1. Wear face masks correctly

Face masks are compulsory for all Covid-19 individuals. Those who are not, are strongly advised to wear them too.

2. Go & head back straight from the polling place

  • Covid-19 positive voters can’t use public transportation to go out and vote, including the use of Grab.
  • Covid-19 positive voters cannot stop by any place before or after voting at the polling station.
  • Covid-19 positive voters must return home immediately after casting their ballots.

3. Use hand sanitiser

  • Make sure your hands are thoroughly sanitized at certain places at the voting station.
  • Bringing your own hand sanitisers is highly recommended.

4. Physical distancing

Covid-19 positive voters should practice safe social distancing from other voters in the line. Other voters too should mind their social distancing as well.

At the same time, KKM also added that healthcare workers will be assigned at the voting stations to help with necessary arrangements for Covid-19 positive individuals.

So, this goes to show that voting is indeed very important for the nation’s future. Everyone eligible has the right to vote, even you.

But if you can’t even get out of bed then that’s another story. You don’t want to faint in the middle of lining up, right?

However, if you have mild symptoms and you feel like voting, know that you still can. Just be careful, follow the instruction of healthcare workers and stay safe.

Happy voting!

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