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Zakat Penang’s #BenderaPutih Finding Mission

Zakat Penang’s #BenderaPutih Finding Mission

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Zakat Penang recently made it their mission to help those who are raising the white flag as a call for help and wish to receive assistance during the Movement Control Order (MCO).

The body responsible for collecting zakat in Penang asks its citizens to take photos of homes flying the white flag and send them its location, instead of posting it online, so that they may help those in need.

“Most of us assume that many are capable of surviving hardship in these difficult times. However, those who are in trouble often choose to hide their anxiety and remain silent,” wrote Zakat Penang in their tweet.

Help us if you see a White Flag in your residential area. The Asnaf Care Team is always ready to help

Zakat Penang

Zakat is one of the 5 pillars in Islam, a religious obligation of almsgiving as a way to purify one’s wealth. The recipient of zakat must be the poor or needy. This is defined as someone whose property, above his basic requirements, does not reach the nishab threshold.

The nishab is a rate equivalent to 87.48 grams of gold or 612.36 grams of silver.

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