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More Malaysians Have Been Cooking At Home During RMCO

More Malaysians Have Been Cooking At Home During RMCO

Akmal Hakim

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From grabbing a quick breakfast at your favourite Nasi Lemak stall, to dining in at a fancy restaurant with your Bangsar Bubble buddies, it’s a well-established fact that Malaysians are very, VERY fond of food.

However, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has forced some Malaysians to forgo their usual food hunting grounds in favor of the “new normal”.

According to a survey conducted by marketing research firm,, since the start of the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) period, many Malaysians prefer a good home cooked meal, despite having the freedom to eat out or dine in at restaurants.

The study shows that 85% of Malaysians are still preferring to cook at home with 63% of them preparing meals more than 5 times a week.

Consumer dining behavior during RMCO.

Furthermore, the polls revealed that Malaysians have really been sweating it out in the kitchen with 72% of people choosing to create elaborate meals that take a while to cook, while another 47% prefer to make easy-cooked meals that take no more than 15 minutes to prepare. The other 30% apparently have no qualms with enjoying quick and instant meals like instant noodles and canned food.

Moreover, the study stated that 45% of Maysians are still uncomfortable being in crowded public spaces with 32% of them simply afraid to be outdoors.

Malaysian anxieties during RMCO.

However, the data does indicate that Malaysians are slowly poking their head out of isolation in search for better feeding grounds by going out to eat, ordering in food to be delivered, or by getting pre-packaged food to-go.

Survey results show that 12% of Malaysians are now eating out at restaurants and are being really cautious about it by preferring to eat at open-air restaurants that are not too crowded, and have changed their habits to include rigorous hygiene and social distancing practices.

Malaysian habits while dining in at restaurants.

Meanwhile, 98% of Malaysians say that they have been regularly using food delivery apps and services for their meals and are opting for cashless and contactless deliveries over hygiene concerns.

For those preferring to tapau, 69% prefer to order from shops they’re familiar with while 33% only choose to get packed food from fast-food joints.

Well, whatever our eating habits might be during the ongoing pandemic, it’s best to always be cautious and abide by Covid-19 guidelines at all times.

To find out more details on the survey, visit, HERE.

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