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Haze: up to 25% jump in asthma and conjunctivitis cases nationwide

Haze: up to 25% jump in asthma and conjunctivitis cases nationwide

More and more people are getting ill due to the ongoing haze calamity.

The Health Ministry announced a spike in asthma and conjunctivitis cases nationwide since the onslaught of the smog.

Between September 8 and 14,  asthma cases have gone up by some 16% with 1,375 cases reported.

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Cases of conjunctivitis jumped to around 25% with 317 reported cases.

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The ministry advised those who are highly at risk of contracting the diseases, mainly children, senior citizens and smokers (uhuk uhukk…) as well as those constantly exposed to the outside air, to take precautions and limit outdoor activities.

Those suffering from bronchitis, lung inflammation, heart conditions and allergies are also advised to stay away from the hazy, polluted air to minimize the risk of contracting even more illnesses.

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If you are experiencing symptoms of coughing, runny nose, sore eyes, lung irritation and inflammation, and asthma, do seek out medical attention immediately.

Keep yourselves safe from the haze by wearing the correct masks and check out our handy haze health tips for both humans and your furry friends!

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