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Get the right masks for the haze

Get the right masks for the haze

It seems like there’s a common misconception among Malaysians when it comes to wearing a mask for the worsening haze.

Most of us are quick to whip out the surgical masks that we so often have boxes of at home, from the many years of experiencing this awful weather change, but it turns out that it may be useless.

Dr. Beni Rusani’s post on Twitter that surgical masks are not made for hazy conditions but rather fluids and blood spills.

Instead, he recommended the N95 masks which actually filter out haze particles.

The Sun Daily also quotes Dr. Amar Singh as saying how effective the N95 masks are, filtering up to 95% of the micron particles, which actually gives you the protection needed against this haze!

So what do surgical masks do then? Don’t they have some form of protection?

Well, it may seem like the case, but it turns out that the masks just aren’t equipped to deal with the finer dust particles of the haze.

More importantly, it can only be used for 30 to 60 minutes before getting contaminated by sneezes or coughs!

Don’t fall for that “what if we turn the masks inside out” trick either, folks, it’s not true!

Fabric masks, made more popular in recent years thanks to K-pop idols, are not effective against this haze either.

While they might work as a “better than nothing” approach to this weather, you shouldn’t be relying on it completely!

So remember to get N95 masks to filter out the haze which brings risks of asthma, eye irritations, and even lung infections and stay safe out there!

(Article by Leyasheena Panicker)

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