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M’sian life expectancy: KL-ites live longest, Johoreans probably die soonest (2019)

M’sian life expectancy: KL-ites live longest, Johoreans probably die soonest (2019)

We keep hearing about climate crisis, haze and more threats on how we’re all probably going to die in the coming years.

But, have you ever wondered when we’re going to die?

To satisfy your morbid curiosities, the Malaysian Statistics Department has compiled data from 2017 to 2019 and presented an overview of Malaysia’s life expectancy statistics for 2019.

Overall, a baby born this year is expected to live up to 74.5
, which is actually a slight drop from 2018’s 75 years life expectancy.


But there’s more to know. Here’s some of the information
that we found pretty interesting:

1. KL Females have the HIGHEST life expectancy

Yes, it’s all about girl power. While a newborn girl is
expected to live up to 77.3 years old, KL females take it a notch higher with a
life expectancy of 79.2 years.

2. Sarawak men live longer than other men

Over to the dudes, it’s Sarawakkians who hold the crown for highest
male expectancy. Males born in Sarawak are expected to live up to 74.6 years old.
That’s a whole two years longer than the national male life
expectancy of 72.2 years!

3. KL-ites live longer than everyone else

While the men of KL do not have the highest life expectancy, there’s still a silver lining as KL-ites outlast their countrymen with a life expectancy of 76.7 years.

Credit: TRP

4. Johoreans will probably die first

Yeah, sad news for our southern friends. The life expectancy of Johor newborns fall behind every other state and the national average at 74.3 years.

Screenshot from Google Maps

5. Teregganu males have the LOWEST life expectancy

Sorry, ‘ganu. Your newborn boys have a shockingly low life expectancy of 69.3 years. That’s FIVE YEARS behind Sarawak males.


6. Chinese Malaysians live the longest

As with previous life expectancy projections, Malaysians of Chinese descent have the highest life expectancy of 77.3 years, three years longer than the national figure.

Meanwhile, Bumiputeras follow second at 73.3 years while
Malaysian Indians sadly fall behind with only 71.8 years life expectancy.

With these projections of Malaysia’s life expectancy, there’s some light shed on the government’s consideration of raising the mandatory retirement age from 60 to 65.

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