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After Instagram, now Facebook may remove “Likes” too!

After Instagram, now Facebook may remove “Likes” too!

Kirat Kaur

Remember when Instagram announced that they were hiding post likes back in July?

People were losing their minds over what they deemed was the
“key” element for using the photo and video-sharing social app. But it turns out,
the hidden likes feature is limited to users in 7 countries for testing phase.

Now that everyone has calmed down, Facebook (who owns Instagram btw) is stirring things up with another shocking move…

Facebook may remove the number of “Likes” on posts soon!

Credit: Pinterest

Tech Crunch has reported that the social network giant could soon start hiding the number of likes on Facebook posts.

The hidden like/reaction count was first spotted by Twitter user Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) who noticed it on Facebook’s Android app.

It seems like the hidden Like feature works the same as the one tested on Instagram. The number is hidden from everyone except the person who made the post. You can also see people who reacted to the post, but not the amount.

Credit: Quickmeme

Facebook then confirmed the news to Tech Crunch that it IS considering testing the removal of Like counts, but there’s no news of when, where or how it’s going to happen.

Why remove Like counts?

The apparent reason for this move is to protect users from getting
jealous and to prevent self-censorship.

Credit: Quickmeme

It could also have something to do with aiding mental health as studies have shown the correlation between social media use with depression and anxiety.

We’ll be honest, it’ll be hard to imagine Facebook without
the iconic Likes. But a healthier online community is far more important.

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